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Friday, May 30, 2008

Stroller Talk


Okay, so let's talk strollers. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I started researching strollers. I have to admit, I am a stroller-a-holic. I seriously need to go to strollers anonymous because I have 3 strollers for Butterfly. One child, 3 strollers.

Stroller #1- We got this stroller with our car seat when I was pregnant with Butterfly. It was huge and we found it was hard to push around our neighborhood with all of our stairs. We used it a few times with the car seat, but found it was easier to carry her around.

Stroller #2- We bought it to push her around the neighborhood when she got too heavy to carry on our nightly walks. Actually, I think we bought it to take with us on one of our many trips to Utah. It was cheep and if it got trashed on the airplane, no big deal. We used it every night after that to walk around the neighborhood with.

Stroller #3- A Christmas present to me from Juice. It's lightweight, has a carrying strap, and I love it. This is the stroller I take with me everywhere for Butterfly. It lives in our car. It's been hiking (easy to sling over a shoulder when the pushing gets too tough), downtown, down the street, several different states (like Hawaii), and to the beach. We have really used this stroller and it shows. It's starting to wear down.

Since that stroller is starting to wear down, I decided to get a new one with baby #2. I decided on a really nice stroller. That pregnancy didn't work out. And when we found out we were having twins, I switched to their double stroller. But then I heard some rave reviews about a different stroller. So when we went to the store to look at the strollers, I test drove a lot of strollers. And I really liked the different stroller.

I liked it so much more than my first stroller, that we decided to get a BOB dulie. I love this stroller. And the reason why we bought a BOB over a Phil and Ted's stroller? The sun flaps that come down were longer and had little windows in them to see the kids. We took it hiking around the lake by our house (and I use the term hiking loosely since the path is paved). We did push it on the grass some and up hills. It was no harder than pushing it on a paved path. Loving the stroller.

Hiking was cut short by Butterfly grabbing a thorny bush and getting a HUGE thorn in her hand. Luckily I started carrying around the kitchen sink in my diaper bag again because we were able to clean up all the blood and bandage it.

We did see this heron on the dock on the way home. The lake is a heron nesting sight and we see them around the area all the time. This guy likes to stand on the dock when the fishermen are there and steal their fish when they catch them. He must enough to have him stay on the dock so calmly. I was about an arms length away from him.

Bottom line: I love the BOB stroller. Do not touch thorny bushes. Try fishing away from the main dock.


PS- Yes, I have one more stroller. That makes a grand total of 5 strollers for 3 kids. This other stroller is a snap and go for their car seats. I'd like for it to live in the car while the boys are in their car seats. It is kind of hard to push. But I got it for free and the lady said I was the 3rd family to use it. It's nice to not have to pull them out of their car seats to get out and walk around. However, if I need to pull one out of the car seat, I can't push the snap and go with one hand and hold the other twin. (I can with the BOB.) Still, it works fine and when the boys grow out of it, I'll pass it along to another family. Honestly, I haven't been out much to actually use either stroller extensively but I hope to this summer. And of course, since the boys are in a stroller, Butterfly wants to be in hers too. That's been fun. Good thing I haven't gone out alone and needed a stroller. We'll have that fight when we're alone.


  1. LOL I've had 5 strollers for 3 kids just not all at once.I think it's funny that Juice still wears black socks with his tennis shoes and shorts. Good Luck with 3 kids and one stroller. My middle child still gets jealous when the baby gets to ride in the stroller.

  2. Bear LOVES to push Finch in her stroller. Maybe Butterfly would like pushing the stroller. Ask her when it doesn't matter if she's riding or pushing.

    Of course, now Bear refuses to let me push the stroller or even touch it....I hang onto it anyway when we're crossing streets.

  3. I think I must've said something like, "Oh, the stroller is heavy....I need a really strong helper to help me push the stroller. Are you strong? Will you help me push it? It's really hard..."

    or something similar the first time I asked him to help push it. Then I thanked him and told him how strong he was.

  4. I can relate. Aidan has four,including the jogging stroller/bike trailer. I did try out a BOB stroller at REI. Aidan was getting antsy so they let me strap him in and stroll around the store. Very nice! We have a Chariot that I like a lot. But that's more an active stroller and for the bike. Glad you were able to get such a nice one though. It makes a world of difference getting around.

  5. Valinda, he only wears them on the weekdays (when he's worn dark pants to work and won't change his socks when he comes home.) I don't mind since it means less laundry for me, although he does look a little funny. :)

    rainsplats- I'd love to let her help but she is horrible with steering and the BOB can tip back pretty easy. I would hate for her to tip it over onto herself or hurt the babies! And the snap and go is just too heavy for her to push.

    Kelly- Yay I'm not the only one that has a ton of strollers for a small amount of kid! :) I don't think I've ever seen your other stroller...what are you bringing to visit?

  6. I am scared to count how many strollers I've owned over the years. It's got to be double digits. Since I love to thrift shop, I would pick up "new" strollers any time I found one that was better than my current one. Plus, we always had at least 3 umbrella strollers scattered around in the cars and in the house. Now, I am happy to be the owner of only 2 strollers--one Combi w/carrying strap (nice!) and one Sit n' Stand.


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