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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hot and Hijacked


Today has been hot. Sticky, sweaty, I hate humidity, hot. It makes Juice cranky and makes me hate the weather all that much more. I refuse to turn the air conditioning on in April so we will suffer. Hopefully the neighbors will be quiet and we can keep our windows open tonight.

Juice hijacked my day of cleaning our bedroom. Man does that room need to be cleaned. But he got it in his head that we must move the computer desk from the boys room into our living room TODAY. I have no idea why. Needless to say, our bedroom ended up worse than before (if you can believe that) and he finally agreed with me that we have grown out of this house.

So at least I won that argument. Still...I guess a clean room will have to wait for another week.

Did I just feel a trickle of sweat between my shoulder blades? And I hear a baby crying (always makes me think of Lady and the Tramp) so I'm off.

I hate humidity.



  1. There are some nice houses up here:-)

  2. I'm a HUGE wimp, I turn on the air in January if need be. I turn into a HUGE beast when I get too hot!

  3. Ditto...I HATE humidity!

  4. Oh yeah, it switched too fast from hot to cold.

  5. I mean cold to hot! I'm not thinking straight.

  6. I HATE IT TOO!!! So odd! It was FREEZING ON TUESDAY! AH!!! It cant Be THIS HOT ALREADY!??!

  7. Seraph is so sensitive to temperature that we had to turn on the AC a month ago. Believe me, I feel horrible about it. I try to just open doors and windows as much as I can.

    So...if your house is too small, why don't you just get a house here when you come this summer. I mean you're coming anyway...and driving. It totally makes sense!

    I'm so glad that's settled then ;)

  8. or...

    you could get rid of some stuff. Pack up more toys. Summer will help because the kids can play outside a lot.


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