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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Busy Today!


This morning, instead of staying home and doing laundry like a good girl should, I went out with my friend Lolli and her son AJ. I thought Butterfly could use some play time so we made plans to go to the resource center. It is so much fun there! They have play dough, paints, toys we don't have, gravel, lots of blocks, games, puzzles...you name it they have it.

Before we went to the resource center though, we stopped off at the pizza place for free pasta in a bread bowl. Yeah, it's just what it sounds like. Pasta wrapped in a pizza dough like bowl. It was pretty good. I enjoyed mine. Butterfly wouldn't touch it but I liked it.

After some good play dough play (Butterfly built a forest with animals in it, very convincing too) and some dot painting, we came home with tired kids. Butterfly's swim lessons were going to start in a little over an hour so I decided to not make her have a nap. I knew she would nap if I put her in her room and she is cross when she wakes up under 1 hour. So no nap for her.

But, she was good enough to get ready for swimming lessons and very happy to be in the pool. As I was picking her up after her class, her teacher was letting the kids "jump" in the pool. The teacher would tell the kids to get ready, and then basically lift them high and bring them down into the pool. Butterfly surprised her teacher by doing a mini cannon ball into the water all by herself. She actually went all the way under and popped back up by herself. Way to go Butterfly!

I wanted to go take advantage of baskin Robbins 31 cent ice cream today but our local baskin Robbins has closed. I couldn't think of another one close by so we went with our old stand by, Bruster's. Plus it was raining so we got our second scoop for free. Yum!

Everyone went to bed tired and happy, which is where I'm off to as well.



  1. I was wondering where a Baskin Robbins was. I was busy today, but was kind of thinking about looking for one. Too bad! But, Brusters is better anyway. BTW--I was totally drugged up today. Allergy medicine. An hour after I left you, I was completely out of it. No more allergy meds for me! I hate the way they make me feel! I also hate sneezing...

    PS--thanks for letting us in on the lunch secret! It was great!

  2. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Pasta wrapped in bread...wow. Only in America, right? :) It reminds me in a way of something my brother used to do...dunk french fries in melted butter :) This is making me hungry.

  3. Good for Butterfly..Keep up the good work pretty soon she will be teaching her brothers how to swim.


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