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Monday, April 27, 2009

What is red, puss filled, and hurts?


Pirate woke up refusing to nurse. To anyone who knows him and our little nursing relationship knows that this is a huge deal. Huge. He was hot but it's sweltering here lately. I took him down and tried to give him breakfast. No go. He cried and only wanted to be held. When he curled up in my lap and gave a little moan, something finally kicked in.

He's sick. He's not just hot because it's hot outside, he has a fever. 103.2 to be exact.

Remember when last week all Professor wanted to do was lay in my lap and moan and not eat?

Exactly the same thing.

Except this time I called my pediatrician and they had me come in about 2pm. By the time we arrived, Pirate had had one little sip of water (before breaking down into tears) and on tiny bite of oatmeal. Professor was barely any better.

The doctor (who was the same one as last week's year old visit) checked their ears. Red, pussy, fluid filled left ear for Pirate. And residual redness in both ears and a red/swollen throat for Professor. He looked at me, broke out his prescription pad and said, "What do you want to do?" Huh? No doctor has ever asked me that. He must have seen the blank look on my face because he explained himself further by saying that if I had brought either of the boys in by themselves, he would have given antibiotics to Pirate no question and nothing to Professor. But since they seem to have gotten the same thing and since Professor STILL isn't eating well, he wanted to know if I wanted an Rx for both of them.

Yes please!

He was also VERY concerned that they hadn't eaten much all day. He suggested I go over to the smoothie place and see if I could get something cool and fruity on their throat if it would help. Butterfly was excited about the idea. So off we went. I got a medium and Butterfly had her own. The boys drank 80% of my drink, came home, nursed like champs, and went to sleep for over 2 hours. You'd think as a mom I would have caught on to their little sickness sooner. Oh well.

Boy do they love that pink liquid. They both sucked it down like it was some huge treat, not unlike the mango smoothie this afternoon. I'm hoping they will stop having running noses by tomorrow and will feel much better.

Being sick is no fun!


PS- I think this is the boys' first tastes of antibiotics. Yay for a milestone!


  1. Sharing :)

    Hope they're feel better. There's too much of that going around atm.

  2. Sorry, that's a bummer!

  3. I'm so sorry! I hope they feel better soon!


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