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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Like A Turtle on his Back


Today we met up with my twin mommy group for a bit of park time. I'm new to the group. This was actually my first visit with them. They have been meeting every other week or so, starting the week before we left for Utah. So needless to say, this is the first time I've really been free to hang out. There were about 6 or 7 moms (I can't remember who all came...it was a park after all, and we all have multiples) all with twins 12-18 months old. A few of us have older children as well. I'd say there was between 14-17 kids there at one time. That's a lot of kids! Everyone has been taking turns doing things near their houses. I guess my turn is coming up.

Today we drove into DC to go to Turtle Park. This is one cute little park! They have what they call a "sprinkler area" which is just a big fountain in the middle of a fenced in place. It was very cute for the boys. Butterfly got a little bit bored and tried to block off all the water. She did love it when it came back up!

Pirate sat next to the fountain and tried to fill up a bucket with water...even though his bucket was upside down. Even though he got so cold he shivered. Even though he couldn't open his eyes because of the water spraying around, he still tried.

Professor walked around and around that little enclosed area. He yelled in anger or frustration every time he got remotely wet. It was really funny.

The day ended with a picnic with the other moms and Butterfly cried when we had to leave. I, for one, was so happy to go home. Even with Flower helping, parks are getting to be too crazy to go to. Unless I am the only one there.


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