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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sleepy Day


The kids woke up at 5:30am this morning. Well, the boys did anyway. They were screaming and hungry and wanted their mommy. Juice got them out of bed for me and brought them to me so I could nurse them in our bed. I was too tired to get up. (Did I mention that we have addicted Flower to Rock Band? No? Oh. Did I also forget to mention that we were up till almost midnight last night playing Rock Band? Yeah.)

Well they thought it should be time to get up once their bellies were full. They poked me in the eyes. They shoved their fingers up my nose. They pulled all the books off of my bedside table to the ground. I finally picked them up and deposted them back into their cribs with some toys. Just as they were being put down and crying about it, Butterfly woke up screaming.

Seriously, she went from peacefully asleep to screaming her head off in about 2 seconds. I heard it ramp up even. She did NOT want it to be morning. Fine, I said. It's not morning. Then she went on and on about how the sun wasn't up and how that means it's not morning. Yep, I agree. Go back to sleep.

I went back to my bed. She kept screaming that it wasn't morning. The boys were screaming. I felt like screaming. Finally I stomped into the kids' room (everyone is in the same room while Flower is here so Flower has a place to sleep.) and pulled everyone out of their beds and stomped them downstairs to play. They were happy. I was not. Ugh, I was so tired.

Juice and Flower got up around 8:30am or so. They seemed refreshed and happy and ready to start their day. I was cross and moody and ready to go back to bed. So I did. I slept until almost 1pm and was feeling much better.

Juice and I were supposed to go on a breakfast date this morning but didn't because I was mad at him. (How dare he get to sleep in?!) And I was sleeping. So we went on a lunch date instead. We had lunch in the tiny cafe in town here and then went to buy him new work shoes. No luck in the store near the cafe. We did a little bit of geocaching but no luck with that one either.

Then we came home to a sleeping house. Butterfly is napping in our room so the boys can actually go to sleep during nap time. She locked the door and fell asleep. Good thing my husband is an engineer and can open the lock without the key.

We cleaned part of our room and had 2 big bags of garbage to take out. We are still not done but at least we have some stuff out of there.

Now Pirate is screaming so I better go check on him. And maybe go back to bed myself!



  1. I am glad you got to sleep a little but that ment I did not get to see you. Must get together miss all of you.

  2. What a long day! I'm happy for you that it finally ended.

  3. What a morning! So sorry!


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