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Monday, July 20, 2009

15 Months Old!


Wow time is flying! The boys turned 15 months old this weekend. They are such big cute fun boys. We are so lucky to have them in our family!

We were able to go to the doctor's office for their 15 month check up today. We took the whole crew (as I always do) and the nurses and doctors commented on everyone being there with me. Yep, we all come. Besides, Flower is a big help!

Pirate is doing great. He weighs 21 lbs 1 oz which is 2 pounds up from last visit. He is 31 and 3/4th inches long. One inch longer. Head is 18 1/2 inches around. He is tall and skinny, as always. He is also very curious. He had a few shy smiles for the doctor while she was poking and prodding him. He tried to grab all of the tools she used. He got 2 shots (HIB and Prevnar) and only whined a little bit at the second shot. Everyone cooed over him and his stoicism. He's so cute!

He is standing on his own and taking a few steps. He really loves to be walked around and cries for your fingers whenever you walk by. He is also a champion whiner and has started to hit just a little. Mostly he hits Professor but I think he gets frustrated with Professor. And vice versa. He loves to scribble with pens and thinks the phone is totally amazing. He says, "uh-oh!" about 300 times a day. Our little "uh-oh" bird. He loves to eat pretty much anything and is starting to master using a fork. He favorite thing to eat is any kind of fruit. Boys does he love blueberries and raspberries and bananas. Yum!

He had his first haircut in Utah and boys does he look different without his big long forelock. He looks so much like a little boy. He loves to climb up and down stairs, standing up. He hangs from handrails as much as he can. The other day we went to the park and there was a small staircase with a kid sized hand rail. He climbed up and down that about 40 times, each time jumping up and down because he was so happy. That little happy kick and developed into a happy little jump and it's completely adorable. He screams really loud. Butterfly gets him going and then he just ramps it up. His laugh is infectious, and he smiles and laughs because you do. He doesn't want to miss out on the joke, even if he has no idea what's going on.

Professor is my little lap bug. He loves to sit in your lap. If you are on the floor, your lap is his! He loves to be held, carried, or walked around. He has the most adorable little chirp when he sees something that interests. Especially if it's a ball. He loves balls. And sticks, and dirt. And his binkie. He does the toddler squat all the time and stands in the middle of the room without any help. He started taking a few steps in Utah, and seriously started walking here. He took about 24 steps in a row yesterday and he is starting to prefer walking to any other mode of transportation.

He weighs 19 lbs 11 oz and is 31 inches long. He has completely dropped off his growth curve and is now into the 1% for weight. The doctor (who was not very good...she was very distracted!) says I'm supposed to feed him more high calorie food...but what that is I have no idea. He is just a mover! He is not supposed to be forward facing in his car seat and I got yelled at over that. Seriously, he is 5 oz away. He probably drinks more than that at a meal. So I'm not going to turn him back around. (My scale puts him at over 20 pounds with his clothes on. Since he's not going to be riding in the car seat in his birthday suit (hopefully) I think we're safe.) He is the only one of my kids that likes Pedia*sure so I guess that's a good thing. He's going to be getting that for awhile.

The doctor was concerned that he is not saying anything. Yes he chirps and babbles a little bit but no words are forming. He should say at least 2-3 things. He does say, "uh-oh" a lot but it often sounds muffled or from down a long tunnel. He doesn't really respond to his name and you often have to tap him to get his attention. They are having me call First Start which is the county run physical therapists. They want him to be checked out for hearing and speech. I have yet to make the call but tomorrow that's my goal. I honestly don't think much will come from it but if there is a problem, then he'll get help early.

I am seriously loving this stage of the boys. They are so curious about everything. They fight, they help, they make messes, they love their mommy, and sleep well. What a great time of life!



  1. What cute boys! I'm still very sad we missed meeting them. Good luck with the Pedia*sure. I still feed it to George sometimes and she also loves it.

  2. They are getting so big. I love hearing about their cute mannerisms.


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