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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Ward Picnic


This is the social event of the year for our ward. We have so much fun swimming in our bishop's pool and playing with all of his camp equipment. It's like a mini ward camp. Check out last years visit here. We have gone every year we've lived here and I couldn't find any other time I wrote about it. Huh.

This year I was really excited about taking all the kids there because we always have so much fun. I was worried the night before that we wouldn't be able to go because of Butterfly's fever. It was basically gone so we planned on going. Besides we couldn't miss out on our yearly picture on the alligator!

During the boys' first nap we cleaned another section of my room. I now have a scrap booking table available to use every day. I'm so excited! I also threw out a big trash bag of garbage, found a bunch of unopened mail (oops) and put more things into the attic. Gotta love this cleaning I'm doing. I hope to have this all done by this weekend.

The party was a lot of fun. We did a lot of swimming. The boys really loved wading around in the baby pool. Butterfly and her BFF Vinny stuck together like glue until his family had to go home. I'm sad he's going to be going to school this year! We're going to miss him. I think the highlight of the day was finding a grey tree frog. It was so cute! It had yellow legs and curled up in Juice's hand. We both wanted to keep him but figured having another creature in the house was just asking for trouble.

Butterfly and I went down the slide again. And she told me again that she didn't ever want to go down it again. Crazy girl. I had a good time with it! The boys were done walking around the pool a lot sooner than Butterfly was done playing in it.

We enjoyed eating bbq and Butterfly and the boys spent about an hour playing in the sand box. I was able to help out another mom rinse out her little boy's eye (he is about a month older than my boys) because another kid threw sand in his face. It was nice to help out a little. And it was nice that the boys were so entertained with the sand!

While I helped with the other mom and the kids played in the sand with Flower watching out for them, Juice played street hockey with all the other guys in the ward. You aren't really a part of our ward until you've bled at this game. It's a serious thing. Juice plays goalie a lot, and this year was no exception. He could also barely walk after the game.

Everyone had baths when we got home to rinse the sand off. That's when I noticed both of the boys seem to be sporting fevers as well. Looks like our house is sick!


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