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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bad Thursday


What a crazy day this has been. It's very late so I will be brief.

We went to the dentist this morning. Since both the boys are still sick and Flower didn't need to come along, Juice and I took Butterfly by ourselves. I think she was in heaven having both of her parents to herself for awhile. Even if that time was at the dentist. She did great. They painted fluoride on her teeth that had to be left on for 4-6 hours. She wasn't supposed to eat anything crunchy, sticky, sweet, or hot. Huh. What does that leave? Cold macaroni for lunch and a cold cheese sandwich for dinner. I have two cavities that I'll have filled next week. Lucky me. Our dentist was very nice and made room for me to get them done while Flower is still with us. She is so good.

I had planned on taking Flower out tonight without the kids so she could have a little bit of a break. Kind of a thank you night for all the hard work she's done. And she has worked hard! I don't know what I'm going to do without her in about 10 days. Sad.

Anyway, we decided that we would go downtown and see Night at the Museum in the Smithsonian. Sounds like fun right? Well we were late. Then we didn't get to the museum before it closed. So the movie was no go. And we rode the train all the way down there and back basically for nothing. We thought we'd go see another movie but nothing good was playing early enough. Everything was starting after 11pm. Too late for us!

So we decided to go get ice cream instead. That was good. Then we went home. I took the babysitter home and now I'm waiting for the dog to eat her dinner. It's almost midnight. I'm feeling kind of bad that the evening didn't work out how I planned.


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