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Monday, August 31, 2009

Acomplished Day


Last night my head was whirling with all the thoughts of things I should do this week. I couldn't sleep. It was after 11pm. I just sat and thought and thought and thought. So I got up, flipped on the light (much to Juice's dismay, sorry darling) and wrote out a list of things I should do today and the rest of the week. Once I couldn't think of anything else, I put the list down, turned off the light and went right to sleep. It was near midnight.

Butterfly woke up at 6:30am this morning.

This might be a reason why I look like I have two major black eyes. I'm beat.

So, not only did I get only about 6 hours of sleep last night, I actually accomplished most of my things on my list. I did a load of laundry (playing with doing one load a day instead of having a laundry day...might make it easier to put the laundry away). I made laundry soap. (Yes I make my own, post on that to follow.) I did a load of dishes. I cleaned the table off and all the counters. Everyone got breakfast, clean diapers, and morning naps/movies. We went to the craft store for a project for me and Butterfly. (More on that later too.) I made a hot lunch today. I talked to both my parents. I made dinner. I took all the kids to the park (with Juice and the dog). I cleaned out 300 pictures and backed them up onto my external hard drive in their correct month and year folders.

Things that I didn't get done today but will probably get done this week include: the floors. Boy do they need a good cleaning!

So it was a very productive day. I'm hoping for another one like it tomorrow with more sleep. Maybe I'll be able to pick up the toys, do my laundry load, go through Butterfly's winter wardrobe and make notes of what I need for her, find hats and mittens for everyone, go through the mail, do some more pictures, get started on that craft project with Butterfly, enjoy my kids, hug my husband, take a nap, blog.

That doesn't sound like too much does it?


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  1. Hats and mittens already? It's still way over 100 with no end in sight and we're chewing the air with all the smoke from CA. I think it's time to come visit you!


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