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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Computer Woes


I had big plans for this week.  I basically had nothing going on during the day (except for Monday, another post another time) and I thought I would get caught up on my pictures, blog, laundry, everything.  I figured I could do what I could while the kids were happy and work hard while they napped.  (Boys are back on 2 naps a day...yay and boo at the same time.)

Last week my photo application on my lapple crashed and so I was trying to find all my pictures on my hard drive and redo my iphoto.  Well, on Monday I was in the middle of that and it crashed again.  But this time EVERYTHING crashed.  It's hard to crash a Mac and I think I did it.  Once I got it to turn back on, all it showed up with was a no symbol.  You know, the kind of thing they put over Ps so you won't park there.  Or over pictures of cigarettes so you won't smoke there.  It was like my lapple was telling me to just not go there and let it die. 

One tiny problem.  Those pictures I was trying to find?  All on this lapple.  I was planning on asking for an external hard drive for Christmas so I could back things up.  I think this crash is 4 months too early.  I have nothing backed up. 

I spent the morning afternoon all day with my dad on the phone trying to get it to work.  Any kind of work.  I went ahead and bought an external hard drive so we could maybe boot my computer from that to get my information off before we wiped it.  No such luck.  The hard drive wouldn't even format so back it goes to the store. 

I now have an appointment with the geniuses at Apple on Saturday to try and get this thing worked out.  I'd be crushed if my computer has died beyond resussitation but I'll be a howling ball of tears if I loose all those pictures. 

I may not be on the computer much in the next few days.  I'm using Juice's computer right now and it's giving me fits too.  I'm mad at technology.



  1. Oh no!!

    Good luck with the Apple guys.

  2. Ok, ok, you've scared me straight! I will get an external hard drive and back up all those pics asap!

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Ugh, I hate computer issues too. J and I are both hard on our computers and they don't last long in our house. My parents can keep one computer for years, but mine always DIE within 24 months. :( I hope your issue ends up being smaller and cheaper than you think...here's a computer blessing: may your internet be speedy, your operating system stable and your hardware healthy. Go in peace. :)

  4. Hmmm. Am I allowed to say anything?

  5. Zuke, you're always allowed to say something. :)


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