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Saturday, August 08, 2009

So. Tired.


We have house guests. My cousin and his wife and 2 girls (5 and 3) are visiting our place for the weekend. So that makes 10 people we've crammed into our little house. And you know what? It seems to be working. Yay!

They didn't get in until about 1am yesterday. And today we went to Mt. Vernon and walked all over. It was a great day but my camera battery died (again!) so I have very little pictures to show for it. We had personal pizzas for dinner, went out for awesome ice cream for a treat, and played a tiny bit on the Wii.

Okay, I just fell asleep typing that sentence. Had to erase a whole bunch of f's. Must sleep.



  1. Hey! So were they at church today?? Forgot to look and say hello. It was fun meeting Flower today though. She is super cute and out-going! I bet you're gonna be sad when she goes home! I'm sure that's nice having an extra set of hands!

  2. Yep, that's super tired. If you fall asleep while you're typing, you shouldn't be typing! You keep coming into DC and the surrounding area to do cool things...you should come to my house too! We're pretty durned close to Mt. Vernon.

  3. Hope you are able to get some rest soon!

  4. I met your TWIN tonight!!! A girl who looks JUST LIKE YOU! I couldnt stop staring! She probably thought i was NUTS! You arent related to anyone in San Antonio ARE YOU??


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