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Monday, August 03, 2009

The Day's Been Disrupted


Who can name that movie from the title? Anyone? I've been watching too many movies lately, obviously.

Guess who else has been watching movies? Butterfly. Her current favorite is Bolt and My Little Ponies. And she watching them because she's sick. And we're watching them because the boys are laying on Flower and I radiating heat. These boys have some pretty impressive fevers. So impressive that I took them to the doctor's today to get their ears checked. I mean, why make them suffer if antibiotics will fix it?

Sadly, antibiotics will not fix this. Just a virus. Sigh...I was hoping it would be an antibiotic fix. It would make it easier on us. Especially since my cousin and his family are coming to stay with us this weekend and I'd really like to send them home without this virus.

The day did have a plan (beyond the doctor, the grocery store, the library, and the super big store because I have no qualms about infecting the rest of the town). The day had a plan written in big capital letters in ink on my calender. BEACH. Last year Flower loved the beach so much that this was our first plan made for her visit. This year we were planning on actually getting to the ocean. You know, being on the border and looking across the water knowing that on the other side is Europe. Last year we had a great time on the Chesapeake Bay. This year I thought we'd be a little more adventurous and show Flower the ocean, which she hasn't ever seen before.

We still have about 2 weeks left with her. So we have time to get to the ocean. I figured everyone would be happier if we were healthy at the beach. I hope they sleep well tonight and we get healthy soon!



  1. OK I give what is the movie.

  2. what is the movie???


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