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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend


On Easter Eve, we decided we better use the egg dying kit we got last Easter at the White House Easter Egg Roll. But we started late (I am just so tired lately) and so we decided only to use one tablet. And then we had to cook 2 batches of eggs because the first batch we cooked in our awesome toaster and you have to poke holes in them in order to cook them. And once I did that, I didn't want to dye them. So we had to cook them the 'old fashioned' way of boiling water. Imagine that. Still, we had a great time and each dyed our own egg and ate them the next morning. This is a picture of Butterfly's egg.

Easter morning she was able to go through her easter basket. She had no idea she was getting one and was SO EXCITED to go through it. I got her some little people in plastic eggs, and gave her about 4 small eggs with 4 jelly beans in them each. The pictures are so funny because her mouth is so full of jelly beans that she can't even smile. But she enjoyed them and I got a little sad I can't eat them with her!

Her Easter dress I bought on ebay about 2 years ago with another thing the seller was selling. it's very cute, although really wrinkly. It fits her perfectly (lucky me!) and she loved prancing around with it on. She even got Juice to dance with her in our room so she could twirl and watch the skirt flare out. She looks so sweet in it, and not to mention grown up!

I pulled out my summer maternity dress too and remembered the last time I wore it. It was the Sunday before Butterfly was born. She was 2 days away from making her apperance. My cousin and his wife had come over to visit and we had dinner with them. I remember after they left, I had Juice take a picture of me in my dress to show my mom how much room I had left in it. Well, I put it on this time and wondered where all that extra room went! Here is me with my big belly. And also crazy long hair. I don't know what it is about my hair and pregnancy but it grows so fast and to great lengths. I am planning on getting it cut sometime soon. Hopefully I will be brave enough to cut of 10 inches for Locks of Love. I did that with Butterfly's pregnancy and I think it would be kind of a fun thing to do with every pregnancy. But right now, it's so long it's annoying. Hopefully I can get myself over to a good hair cutting place and have them chop it off this week. That way I won't have to deal with it long when the twins are born.

Our Easter was very low key this year. Notice big belly in the picture and figure out why. :) My mom sent us a bunch of new movies to watch and we were able to talk to my brother and sil and see their new baby Cappy on the web cam. (And bro, if you don't like the name, come up with one yourself on your own blog and update it!!)



  1. Hey!!!! I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog from Julia's. I haven't seen you in forever. I am excited to see what your family is up to these days. Check out our blog too!

  2. MICHELLE!!!!! HI!!!! I'm so happy you found my blog and I just read through yours! Your kids are adorable. :) Have you kept in touch with any of our other roommates?

  3. We used the dye kits that we got last year from the White House, too! Wow--that was lucky that B's dress fit! I noticed it on Sunday wand thought she looked SO cute!

    I can't believe how long your hair has gotten. That would be so cool if you could donate some of it (plus, you could get a free haircut that way!)

  4. YOU ARE ALL BELLY! I love it! And thats not really a big belly! You look so cute! Like a little rocket shot out of your belly! Vanessa looks adorable! and thats a GREAT egg picture BTW!

  5. Well, I have kept in touch with Jenni and Julia. And by the way, some things never change-(sink sitting) :) I don't think I could get ready any other way. I would love to get together when you come to visit. Your family probably lives super close to where we are! Do you know anything about Liz or Sara? Keep in touch!!!

  6. Butterfly looks so adorable in her Easter dress! And look at you!! You are all belly!!
    Make sure when you get your hair cut that you take you camera so we can see too!

  7. Laura, glad to know I'm not the only packrat around! Are you planning on going to the Easter Egg roll next year? We might be interested in going...

    Lis, yes, all belly. And it's running into things and getting in the way. But the GD keeps me really from gaining weight so hopefully it will continue to be all belly. :)

    Michelle, I haven't kept in touch with anyone but Julia. How is Jenni?

    Jill, glad you liked the belly shot! (I take them just for you, you know. :) ) I will take my camera with when I get the hair cut. Looks like it will probably be next week!


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