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Monday, March 10, 2008

Last Baby-ness


We finally caved and cut Butterfly's hair. I wasn't going to cut it originally. I have no idea why. Mostly because she had cute little curls at the end. But the past few months I have noticed that she is looking a little ragged. Shaggy. Unkempt.

I have been saying we should cut her hair for about a month now. We have just never really gotten around to it. But I feel the impending birth of 2 baby brothers. And who knows when or if I'm going to go on bed rest. I just want everything in place. And having everything in place included getting her hair cut.

She sat as still as a stone through the whole thing. Of course, it helps that we went to the kiddie cut place where they let you watch a movie. They had some Barbie movie which riveted her. She even kept trying to watch around the lady if she got in her line of sight. It took the stylist about 2 minutes to do. She got a sucker for her 'trouble' and a cute little certificate. I also bought her a new bow to match her new Easter dress.

We then went to the shoe store to buy her new Sunday shoes. The shoe store had floor to ceiling mirrors every few feet. She would one to run, stop, look, smile, and then run to the next. And stop, look, and smile. I think she really likes her new hair cut. I must admit, it's very cute. But all that baby look is finally gone. She really is growing up!




After:I don't think she quite knew what was going on when we finished. I think she really likes it though.



  1. Yeah for the haircut! It looks so cute! It's amazing what a haircut will do to change the way they look.

  2. She will love it and I am sure you will too! When we cut Sami's hair it was a little bitter sweet but the next day it was so easy to brush that I just wondered why I didn't do it sooner! Butterfly looks just precious!

  3. Her hair looks super cute and it makes me wonder if I ought to have a go at George's. It's down to her bum and we've never cut it, I've gone longer with her than the other two just so I won't lose that last little babyness.

  4. How CUTE!!! i love it!


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