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Friday, March 28, 2008

Doctor Visit, 33 weeks


Yesterday was my weekly doctor visit with Dr. SA. Again, there is good news and bad news. And it mostly revolves around my cervix. It has decided to cop out and is now at a 0.4. Which landed me in full time bed rest. At least for the next 2 and a half weeks. I'm allowed to get up for the following: bathroom trips, a 20 minute shower, breakfast and lunch for me and Butterfly and that's pretty much it. I suppose it's good that I'm at least allowed to get up for these things and I'm not totally restricted or in the hospital. I'm also not on any medication which is good. I haven't been having a ton of contractions (not that I noticed contractions with Butterfly either) but my back is very achy in the evening. Dr. SA said that is probably where the dilation of my cervix is coming from. We talked a little about the boys going to the NICU if they were born before 37 weeks, and he said, "if you want these guys to come home from the hospital with you, you better stay down." Okay then. Down I am. So...any ideas to keep myself busy from the couch?

Now onto the babies! Baby A: he is so head down. They could barely measure his head he is so far down in my pelvis. He is measuring about 4 lbs, 5 oz. He needs to grow a little more before he's born. He needs to get bigger, hopefully around 2 more pounds. He still has his heart issues of PAC but not as many as before. Maybe every 10th beat or so, instead of every 8th beat. He keeps getting the hiccoughs and practicing his breathing a lot so that is really good.

Baby B: Sometimes in twins, one gets more of the nutrients. In our case, Baby B is the winner. He is almost a pound heavier at about 5 lbs, 3 oz. Which immediately throws me back into the c-section party. They won't do a vaginal birth if the smaller one is first. Only because if Baby B decides to flip around, they won't be able to deliver him breech because Baby A wouldn't have stretched the area big enough for Baby B to pass through. Now, I suppose if he stays head down, things might be different. He is one active baby, but is just not practicing his breathing like he should be. So he needs to stay inside until he finishes developing.

All good reasons to stay parked here on the couch, or in my bed. One baby to grow bigger, and one baby to develop more.

Of course, I was reminded of the preterm labor signs. Dr. SA said if my back ache gets worse and I can't sleep or get away from it, to call. And I'm suppose to say, "I'm coming in." not "Should I come in or not?" Also, this delivery could happen any day. I need to pack my bag and get all set because we are officially on baby watch. Anything that you guys took to have your babies that you found you couldn't do without?



  1. Socks.
    a couple pairs of my biggest/softest/fluffiest socks that I could wear even while sleeping (which I don't do at home) cuz they're way better than the hospital socks and I didn't want to have to actually find my slippers when I had to get up to find the potty room :)

    ...but just make a list and ask Juice to do the actual packing for you. He's a sweet boy and packing always involves more movement and bending and moving stuff and searching than you'd think.

    Are you planning on having Baby A vaginally and waiting to see if Baby B can come that way, too? or are you gonna do the C-section thing? Would they be able to pull Baby A out of his low position before he pops out?

  2. Wow -- I can't believe you are so close to the end! Things are different in hospitals here so we bring different/less stuff. I will think about things to keep you busy...

  3. So many thoughts at once! Oh No! Wow! Ack! What do you like to do? I watched about a million movies...do you have Netflix? I also did cross stitch and reading. Here's a better question what does Butterfly like to do? I found keeping a little kid busy was really hard. Let me know if there's anything you need from Vegas!

  4. Wow! I am so excited for you. I just found out you were having twins and now it could happen any day!! I don't really have any good ideas off the top of my head to keep yourself busy or what to take to the hospital, but if I think of anything great I will be sure to let you know. Take care of yourself, and I look forward to more updates in the future!

  5. Hmmm...can you scrapbook from the couch? I'm in the mood. I could come in and gather all your stuff for you--if you were up to it! And maybe our 2 year olds could keep each other company.

    As far as hospital stuff--books and a journal. I found that I can do without a lot of stuff (lipstick, nightgowns, etc) but I always need something to keep myself busy. I tend to go batty when the baby(ies!) is(are!) sleeping and I have nothing else to do.

  6. Missed seeing you at church today! Give me a call if there is anything you need- SERIOUSLY!!! I couldn't imagine being on bed rest. I guess I'd just read, nap, watch TV, chat on the phone, read and nap some more. Good thing you've got a pretty independent 2 year old- she pretty much entertains herself- right!?!? Well, happy resting!! :)


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