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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Doctor Visit, Feeling Crabby


This morning I had a doctor's visit. It's a regular visit, one that happens every 2 weeks. Weird that I'm already at the 2 week visit mark. It's getting close!

My visit today was incredibly low key. I've been having small contractions on and off for the past couple of days but they are nothing really. Just a matter of being big and very pregnant. I met with the new doctor today. She did not do an ultrasound like every single visit I've had. It was strange. She just used the hand held doppler and found both babies' heart beats. She measured me (34 weeks, at 30 weeks) and asked if I had registered at the hospital. That was it. Nothing else. I told her about the contractions. She said to take it easy. I told her that my hips were aching so bad, and my ligaments in my hips and pelvic area feel like they are going to give out sometimes. She says it's normal and to take it easy. Ooookay. Easy. Right.

I'm not sure why but today I am just feeling crabby. I'm a little crabby at my doctor's office. I think they are fine doctors and I think I will be in good hands with them. But I worry that they aren't taking the whole twin thing more seriously. I suppose I don't give them reason to worry most of the time. But I would like maybe something more than take it easy. Although there is nothing else to say. Just being crabby. I go to my peri doctor on Thursday and will know more about the babies and about me.

My blood pressure is normal. I gained one whole pound. My blood sugar levels are beautiful and I'm doing a great job. Okay then. I just need more rest apparently.

Butterfly has a cold and has been super crabby today. Everything makes her cry, which does not improve my mood any. I hate this stage when she asks for something, I give it to her and she just bursts out crying because she doesn't want that anymore! Like at lunch. She wanted a banana. I got her one. I started the peal for her. And suddenly, she did not want it anymore! She wanted MY banana. Okay, fine, we can trade. But Mommy's banana had a bite out of it! The horror! I told her she can eat her banana or we can go to bed. She started sobbing harder. Fine, up to bed we go. As I started getting up, she started into her banana (although not happily). She ate, was happier, and went down for a nap crying because "I have no toys! I have no toys!"

Arg...Mommy needs a break, a good meal, and a good nights sleep.



  1. Aww! Im sorry Catherine! Crying always makes my moods worse too! and im sorry they arent listening to you down there! I remember being there! Im sorry! I wish i could bring you something yummy that i wont even say because i know that woudlnt make it better! I did however bring you some baby stuff thats waiting for you in the YW room on sunday!
    As far as your next appt goes... I say just lose it! I freaked out at the Dr's once and they gave me some awesome pills!!! =) FEEL BETTER!!!

  2. can i ask? what are you craving the MOST???

  3. Ohh...yeah baby stuff! Sorry, I went home from church because I didnt' have to teach and J and V were home sick and I just didn't feel like staying.

    As for cravings...ice cream, a huge gooey cheesy burrito with steak and guac and loads of beans. (I could probably have the last one but I wouldn't be able to eat it all). Oh! And have you been to the Red Rock Canyon Grill in the Rio? They have the most awesome desert called "Something Chocolate". I told J when all of this was over, I was going there by myself and eating an entire something chocolate by myself. We should make a little dessert party and invite all the women along! No kids or hubbies allowed and we can eat all the chocolate we want. (Although you'll have to order your own, I still intend to have one myself.)

    Okay, I think way too much about food and this could be an entire post by itself. :)

  4. *hugs*
    my last ob visit was a lot like that. almost like he was trying to catch up on time or something. and then i cried on the way home. goofy hormones.

    It's a shock after a 2 hr perinatologist appointment....

  5. So glad your sugar levels are great!!! That's hard work, I'm sure, so bravo, you!

    Thinking of you!

  6. so chocolate? I found a really cool web site LOADED with ways to make stuff for diabetic people!! IM GOING TO MAKE YOU SOMETHING!!!

    I just hope its good!

  7. Um...well, hopefully last night helped with the "getting out" but I know it didn't help with "getting a good night's sleep!" It was fun, though!! Now I am looking forward to trying out Red Rock Canyon. :) Something to look forward to....

  8. Laura, It did! Thanks! :) And I hope you are surviving our late night as well!

    Liz, you don't have to make me something! But it's so sweet of you to think of me during my 'trying' time. Besides, I still can't have chocolate because of Baby A's heart thing. Sad, but true.

    Rainsplats, I was so prepared for just a quick doc apt, but it's still a rude awakening sometimes!

    Deanna, thanks for thinking of me! Hopefully you won't have to go through this with your pg! :)

  9. I can't believe how close you are!!! I LOVE how cool, calm, and collected you remain through everything.


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