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Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday Doc Appointment


Remember when I said a few posts ago that I had a standing appointment with my perinatologist on Thursday morning? Well, I do. And here's this week's update.

Baby A: His heart is still doing the PAC. Dr. SA says we will probably see it all the way through birth now. We can see it on the ultrasound and during the cord blood flow check. It's becoming just his normal, though. Everything else is doing really well. He's still head down, facing up. And because he's facing up, we get some really cute 4D shots of his face. I will try and get a few up soon. He looks SO SERIOUS in the pictures, with little frowns on his cute little face. The tech said that it looked like he was sleeping. He was also pretty still since he was sleeping. We had to wait around for him to move so they can say they saw him move.

Baby B: He is perfectly fine. He is also now head down! Yay! He was also sleeping during the scan and would not wake up, no matter how much we poked and bounced him. He had his arm flung over his eyes so no pictures of his face. The tech and I spent about 20 minutes chatting while trying to get him up to move. I wasn't worried at all since he is normally my most active guy and he's typically asleep at that time in the morning. I moved, I rolled, I got up and walked and drank water. No such luck. He plays hard, and must sleep hard too. :) When we finally did get him up enough to roll over, he rolled, kicked, punched, and then started in on his brother. Which then got Baby A moving, and my whole belly was shaking. It's so weird to see!

My cervix has shortened considerably. Down from 2.9 to around a 1. And you can see it dilating from the inside (called funneling). This is a big jump in a week. I've been having a lot of contractions and little cramps most days. Dr. SA has restricted my activity. He said that I need to be lying down 80% of my day. I'm not on bed rest, but I do need to take it very very easy. If I have any signs of preterm labor, I'm supposed to call. And if I get 3 or 4 painful contractions, I need to just head into the hospital. I don't really mind this, since it's getting really hard to get around. My belly is getting so big (pictures on the other blog for those interested parties). I've given up trying to do anything with Butterfly but let her pile toys on me on the couch and watch tv. I am 32 weeks now, and only about a month to go!



  1. YAY for two heads-down!!! So glad that all the news is good!

  2. how much do your babies weigh?

  3. Deanna- Thanks! :)

    Rainsplats- I don't know...they didn't measure them. But I imagine they are about a quarter pound bigger than last time (right over 4 lbs).

  4. You can do it! 1 more month!!! Thats so cool they are both head down! I want to see the 4d pictures! POSTEM! (not that you dont have enough to do!)

  5. Yeah for 2 heads down!! So what's this other blog with belly pictures, or was I reading that wrong?

  6. Lis, pictures coming soon...

    Laura, yes, another blog. Check your email.

  7. Yeah!! 2 heads down!! Now off to see the pictures!!

  8. Thanks for bringing the pictures yesterday!! they are so sweet. Hey i just cleaned out my car yesterday and i found a blue spoon! It must have fell out of the bag... which BTW did you get it?

  9. Hey, another spoon! Thanks Lis! And yes, I did get it. :)


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