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Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's My Party

Today we went here:
Baltimore from the Water
(Baltimore for those who don't know.)
And rode this:
Seadog Cruise in Baltimore
And we saw this:
Butterfly by fish tank
All because of my birthday!
Presents are a part of a birthday celebration so I thought I'd invite all of you to join the party!  You have a chance to win a $45 gift card from CSN Stores.  They have EVERYTHING.  You can get modern bedding, kitchen chairs (like we did a few weeks ago) or even luggage.  You would have a whole $45 to spend on whatever!
Just leave a comment on here telling me what you would like to get.  (It might also be polite to wish me a happy birthday, seeing as how it IS my birthday today.)
As a bonus entry, you can go vote for my picture at Parenting By Dummies.  I'm a finalist!  Just come back after you vote and comment to let me know how much you love my picture.  Oh, be sure to say that you voted too!
Contest ends one week from today, September 20th.  I will announce the winner on the 21st.  And you can come back and comment (and vote!) once a day until next Monday.
Happy Commenting!
PS- You might come back tomorrow for ANOTHER present.  And the next day for another.  Because I want to give away 3 presents for each decade.  :)


  1. I voted for you picture -- what a fun shot!
    I have missed reading your blog this summer.
    I need to back track a little :)

  2. And of coarse -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  3. Well happy birthday!! I tried to vote for your picture but maybe I'm slow because I couldn't figure out how to vote! Urgh. I will go back and try to figure it out though. :-)

    I would LOVE a new coffee maker (something like this would be lovely:http://www.allmodern.com/Kalorik-TKM-20208-rik1052.html) and that's what I would spend my prize on if I won. My 4-cup mini just isn't cutting it any more. Yummy, scrummy coffee all morning long would be just lovely. He he.

  4. Hey Happy Belated! btw- I love CSN too ... bought our highchair from there and am currently oohing and ahhhing over a new stroller for the babe since he still travels in the pink one from my girls!


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