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Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

I hate going out shopping at the store during the holiday season.  It seems that everyone is in a hurry and is not very friendly.  I love to spend my time shopping online instead.

And what am I shopping for?  Well, I won't tell you what I got the kids since they might read this (hahahaha!) but I will tell you what Juice's Christmas is going to be like.  Because frankly, he knows what he's getting.  In fact, he is using one of his presents right now.  What is it you ask?

He wants nice luggage sets for all of his travels.

And what does Juice want in his luggage?  It has to be a carry on size.  It has to have wheels.  And the pull handle has to be tall enough that he can take a full stride without clipping his heel.  It has to have a pocket on the outside to hold his paperwork, and a quick access to his liquids.  He wanted it big enough to fit a week's worth of clothes, and be able to bring home his paraphernalia from conferences.

Not a big request, right?  Right!  And since we got it in September, he's been making good use of his new suitcase.

If you've got someone who is hard to buy for this holiday season, I suggest some luggage!  Always useful.  Just keep in mind Juice's requirements and you too can have a good holiday present.


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  1. I don't go shopping on Black Friday either, I've never found a deal worth all of that trouble! lol


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