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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A day in the life of Soot

I hear them up there. Walking around when it's still dark outside. I hear them talking. He should be coming down soon. He always comes down in the morning when it's still dark.

Still waiting for someone to come down and be with me. My pack is up there, and I'm not! Hey! Someone! Come and get me!

I knew reminding them that I was alone would get them down to me. See, here he comes. I'm a little sleepy but it feels good to get out of the box. Ahh...and it feels good to have my belly scratched first thing in the morning.

Oh, we're going outside? Okay okay! Outside outside! Are we going out the door outside? We are? I see the thing they tie to my jingles out in his hand. Outside outside! Up the hill as fast as I can. Umph. Doesn't he know that I can go faster than that? Let's go let's go let's go. What's this smell? It goes over here, no, back over here. No, no, lost it, let's go back to the beginning. Umph...again, go faster! Sniff sniff sniff sniff....

Inside? You want to go inside? Well, okay. I haven't seen her yet this morning. There she is! Hi hi hi hi! Food! Yum yum yum...

Oh, are we leaving? No, just she's leaving? Wait a second. I want to be with her! Where is she going? Wait wait! But...but...oh, it's a toy! Attack the toy! Grrrrrrr....

He's around still. He picked up that fuzzy that they put me in the box with. I like that fuzzy. What are you doing with the fuzzy? Oh, in the box. Okay. And where is my treat? He put that in the box too! I better go get it.

Here I am in the box. Again. What is their fascination with putting me in the box. I spend a lot of time here. But at least I have the fuzzy. And it squeaks when you chew it right.

Hm? Wha'? He's here again? But I just started my afternoon nap. It's good to be out of the box, and have my belly rubbed again. Are we going outside again? Okay. It's warm in this patch of light. I'm going to sit in it for awhile. He has something that smells good. Is it food? It is food! Can I have some? Please please please? No? Are you sure?

Are you really sure? Because I would love to share it with you. No? Okay, I have my own food. That's pretty good.

Back in the box? I can finish my nap then.

Done sleeping. Who is coming home first today? It's him. I hear him. Yay I'm out of the box! Hi hi hi hi...can we go outside? Yes, outside? Yay outside! Did I hear you say walk? I want a walk. Walk walk walk walk. And out the door? Yes! Run run run umph. Again, I go faster than this!

Who is that over there? I hear them. It's little ones! I love the little ones. They squeal and run away and I can chase them! Let's see the pups! Oh fun fun fun. Play play play. Oh, are we walking? I guess we're walking. I see more pups over there. Let's go over there! No? I guess I could go in this direction. There are some interesting smells over here.

Boy it's hot. I need water. We're going back home soon, right? I need water. Oh good, we are home! Inside inside. Water water water. Ah...cool floor. And I'm wet because I dug in the water. That helps me be nice and cool.

Are we going somewhere? In the moving thing? I like the moving thing because there are all sorts of moving things around and I can look at them. Very interesting. I see her! I see her! Hi hi hi hi! My pack is together. I like this.

Back home. Inside to play with the ball. Does she want to play too? Run chase run chase. I'm getting tired. But I don't want to stop playing! Hey...let go. No bite huh? Well, okay.

He's picking up the fuzzy again. Is it box time? What about my treat? Treat in the box. I go in too! I'm tired. I'm going to curl up with the fuzzy and sleep.

Love you all,


  1. So it makes me wonder "Does Catherine sit around all day wondering what Cinder thinks about all day?"

  2. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Very cute Cat . . . an surprisingly acuate I would imagine!



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