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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Fall Already?

Hey everyone,

It went from being hot and humid to actually cold. I was wishing for my coat this morning. It's raining today and when it rains out here, it normally doesn't change the temperature a whole lot. It just gets moist-er. Because let's face it, it's very moist here all the time. I don't like the rain in the summer because it doesn't do anything to help the temperature. If anything, it raises it! And you're just moist all the time. Steam rises from the streets and sidewalks, but doesn't seem to go away. But today, it rained and it's down right cold. No steaming streets, no sticky hands, nothing. Fall is coming!

The leaves are just starting to change slightly. You can see the trees tinted in red and brown (although some of that might be from the cicadas this year). Fall in the east is different because you can't watch it move down the mountains. It just surprises you all of a sudden with the changes.

I am so looking forward to full blown fall. The leaves out here are gorgeous! I'm excited for this year because last year we had the hurricane that blew a lot of the leaves off the trees prematurely. So this year we should have some fantastic color. At least, I'm hoping so. Mom and Dad are visiting in October and I would really like them to see some of the fantastic leaves out here!

I had a really nice birthday. Thank you everyone for your cards and gifts! It's nice to feel loved. :) Juice had class that night so I spent the night with the puppy and a good movie. Juice took me out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate, though. We went to a restaurant called The Last Mango. It's pretty good. Kind of a Jamaican style food. I had a sweet pork sandwich with bbq sauce and pineapples (a weird combo, I know but it worked!). Juice had a jerk chicken sandwich. It was actually quite tasty and reasonable. And it had a beautiful fish tank.

Love you all,
Safire and Juice

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