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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dear Monticello

Dear Monticello,

The house is beautiful. The grounds, lovely. Thank you for keeping it up so that we can get a glimpse of what Thomas Jefferson's life and the life of his family was like. I loved seeing the huge tree that was there when he was, and also the dumb waiter and the alcove beds.

However, I did not appreciate you asking me to leave with my 2 year old because she was a little loud. I did not appreciate your worker telling us very rudely that she had to stop jumping in the entry way. I did not appreciate the fact that when your tour guide was telling us about the room where Jefferson enjoyed his children and grandchildren, we were asked to leave.

If you are not going to be child friendly, and by that I mean the under 5 year old set, please let us know BEFORE we step into your house and get reprimanded by strangers. That way you wouldn't have had to ask us to leave. We would have taken shifts and been content. Or perhaps you could have a tour for those parents of small children.

I'm sorry to say that that act left me and my party with a bad taste in our mouth about the plantation, and we will not be coming back.

Thank you,
yours, etc....

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  1. Here's a sparkling thought....they oviously don't have kids, or if they do they have forgotten what it is like. Hopefully it was still a little fun.


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