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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Learning about Maryland


This weekend marks the 373 birthday of the state of Maryland. So, since we live here, I thought I'd let you know a few things about the state.

1- The state sport is jousting. Yes, jousting. As in men covered in metal on huge horses hurtling towards each other and trying to knock the other off their horse. The state team sport is lacrosse.

2- Maryland is known as a border state because it exhibits both Northern and Southern characteristics. The more rural areas of Maryland are more southern, while the cities are more northern.

3- Maryland is the second richest state in the Nation. New Jersey is the first.

4- State symbols:

bird: Baltimore Oriole
boat: skipjack
cat: calico
crustacean: blue crab
dinosaur: Astrodon johnstoni (looks like a mini t-rex)
dog: Chesapeake Bay Retriever
drink: milk
fish: striped bass
flower: black-eyed Susan
folk dance: square dance
fossil: Ecphora gardnerae gardnerae (it's a snail)
gem: Patuxent River Stone
horse: thoroughbred
insect: Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly
nicknames: "The Old Line State" and "The Free State" (which I wonder about because aren't all the states free?)
reptile: diamondback terrapin (it's a turtle)
song: "Maryland, My Maryland"
tree: white oak

5- Maryland is 42nd is size. It is 12,417 square miles. It is also 21% water.

6- It is 19th in population density, with close to 6 million people in 2000. It is the 5th in population density per square mile, with 542 people per square mile. Or so. I am surprised at how packed the cities are, and how open the country is.

7- Highest point is Hove Crest at 3360 feet above sea level. Lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean.

Happy Birthday Maryland!


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