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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Juice!


So I know I haven't written in awhile. In my defence, Juice and Butterfly are sick so it takes up ALL of my energy to deal with them. And then the weather changed and I just couldn't be inside. But now that it's rainy and cold, I might actually do some more typing. We'll see.

Juice turned 28 last weekend. He had a great low key birthday where we ordered our favorite restaurant to go and spent the evening playing with his birthday presents. Butterfly and I got him a usb rocket launcher and he tried to hit poor Soot, even though it says in the instruction booklet not to aim it at pets. Once I read that, he tried to aim it at me. He said that it didn't say anything about wives. Lucky for him, it has a short range and makes a loud popping noise before it goes off. Kind of like the flame spurt in "The Princess Bride".

He also got a new card game called Killer Bunnies. So hilarious! We played it a few times but we need more people. Anyone want to come over for a night of card game playing? We promise to provide snacks. The purpose of this game is to keep your bunnies alive and to avoid things like the eboli virus and being abducted by aliens.

This weekend I am braving the cold and camping out on the Ellipse of the White House for their Easter Egg Roll celebration. It's supposed to be in the 30s. I am so excited to have a night out. This will be my first night away from my house without Butterfly. In almost 2 years. I think I'm due for it, don't you? Granted, I would have rather gone someplace like Florida or something for this but camping out with all my gal pals is just as fun.



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  2. Happy Birthday, Tarlei Moraine!


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