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Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Egg Roll 2007


Okay, that camping out bit, SO worth it to go to the Egg Roll. It was so much fun. We got there and they gave us free breakfast (eggs in tortillas, juice and fruit) and a free juicer and a free CD from sunkist. They also had a little stage where they were playing some music.

Once we got into our tent to wait for the Egg roll, we saw all of our friends from church and said hello. But once we were on the White House lawn, I think we saw them once more and that was it. There was SO much to do, and not just whacking eggs with a spoon down a slope. We of course, did that first because that's what we came here to do. They actually take real spoons and stuff from the WH kitchen and had over 10,000 colored eggs for the day. Imagine the chickens that could have made!

There was face painting, coloring, story nooks, 4 different entertainment stages, an animal stop, an egg hut, a bunny fitness trail, and more.

I had the most fun with the egg roll and the animal stop. Mainly because the monkey fell in love with Juice and wouldn't let him leave. It was even pushing off of it's handler to get Juice to pick him up. What can I say, Juice is loved by all. I also loved the animal stop because where else will Butterfly get to touch a snake, an alligator, a monkey and see a porcupine eat a bottle? It was seriously cool.

We skipped the face painting because by the time we got there, the line was huge. We also skipped the free professional pictures because no one but me wanted to do it. Kind of bummed about that one and if we end up going again, that will be my first stop. We did meet the speedy delivery guy from Mr. Rogers and Butterfly got a signed picture of him. Having never watched Mr. Rogers really, I was unimpressed. But Juice got a kick out of it.

Butterfly also took the egg dying seriously and died her egg deep pink. She flipped over a white spot that it had, so we stuck a sticker over it (a butterfly, of course) and she carried it around the rest of the time.

We got so much free stuff there, beyond the food they had there. Coloring books, special egg dying kits made just for this event, candy, diapers, a poster, and the coveted wooden egg signed by the president and first lady. Butterfly got a purple one. She enjoys pointing it out on our shelf every now and then.

We had the greatest day. I think I would love to do it again.


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