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Friday, September 21, 2007

Feeling Busy


On my google home page, I have a big to do list right in the center so I see it every time I get on the computer. It helps me focus on what I actually need to to, instead of being sucked into google reader or my email. Every day this week I have had at least 6 things on it, 7 being the max amount of things you can put on there. Okay, a lot of things are rolled over things from the day before that I didn't get to. Because you can only do so much with a 2 year old in the house. Especially one that says to you, "Mommy, let's play with my toys! You are my favorite person to play with!" (I think she says that because I'm the only one around. When Juice is there, I can't even touch the toys without being yelled at.)

Today's list involves folding and putting away clean laundry (left over from yesterday), talking to the roof guy (roof day is Tuesday next week! Stay tuned for pictures.), paying bills, going to the grocery store, getting gas, packing for the PA renn faire tomorrow. Yes, we are leaving tomorrow for a night in PA and the renn faire there. We went to the renn faire here (another post, another day) and it was okay. There is just so much smoking there!

But none of these things are getting done because I'm trying to type and juggle being 'mommy horsey' with Butterfly's little people. And the couch is calling. Can I just go lay down for awhile and maybe my double will get everything done. That would be great!


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