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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Questions and a New Roof


They are re-doing our roof today. Actually, they were supposed to do it yesterday. They kept telling me this was going to be a one day job. Well, when you don't show up to your job until 11am, it's probably going to take 2 days. They worked until almost 8pm last night, and didn't show up until 11am again today. Maybe those are their hours? In any case, the pounding has stopped so I assume they are out to lunch. They better not have left because the yard is a wreck and there are nails everywhere. I just can't wait till they are done. Having a small amount of buyer's remorse as well. Oh well.

My friend Aimee as asked a few questions so I thought I'd answer them. Thanks Aimee! This is fun.

1. Who is the person you admire most in your life and why? Probably my mom because she has an amazing memory and she would do anything for us. That's pretty amazing. :)

2. If you were presented a Tree in a pot or a piece of chocolate cake on a plate, which would you choose and why? A tree in a pot because I am not a cake eater. I would plant the tree (this is assuming when I am given the tree I actually have a place to plant it) and watch it grow. Would be better than 5 minutes eating cake!

3. Tell me a story from your childhood. One year for Christmas I got a fish tank. I loved that tank. It was so much fun to set up, and to have the filter bubbling and the light softly glowing in my room at night. A few days later, we were able to pick out 6 fish at the pet store. I think I got 2 guppies, 2 black mollies, and a couple gold fish. Within a week, everything but the black mollies had died, and the black mollies had ick. (White spots all over them, poor things.) I kept getting more fish like neon tetras, the fish that you can see through, and a beta here and there. Some lived a long time, some died right away. At the time, I was keeping a very small journal with a lock and a key. Most of my entries around this time are about my fish. What I named them, and how sad I was when they died. I even drew a big picture of the fish tank in there and said good bye to each of the fish as they died. "Good bye Lemon, Lime, and Lemon Drop! You were good pet fish. I will love you forever!" Funny, those are the only fish's names I can remember. When we moved from Colorado to Utah, I decided against putting up the fish tank again. I think it is still in my parent's garage though. It has gone through about 5 moves and 3 different houses. But I never set it up after Colorado. I still love to look at the fish at the pet store. Maybe if we ever move back to Colorado, I will set it up again. I'm sure my parents will be happy to see it go from their garage.

4. What is your favorite thing to do by yourself? My all time favorite thing to do by myself is to read with a huge bowl of popcorn. Most days though, I don't have a moment to myself or a good book to read.

5. Describe yourself in 4 words. Hmm, this is a hard one. Loyal, thoughtful, quiet, nice.

If anyone wants me to interview them, just leave me a comment.



  1. Yeah, make sure they get all the roofing nails! After our complex was re-roofed last fall, we had THREE flat tires in less than 4 months. Grrr!


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