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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dining Room Woes

We bought our current dining room table at a garage sale in Utah. Actually, I think my grandma bought it for us as a wedding present. It was $80 and we had to bargain for the fourth chair. When we were first married, it was a lot of table! We used it partly as a shelf and partly as a dining area.

It did not survive the move across the country well. But Juice had a bunch of free time on his hands. So with a little wood glue and some clamps and screws, it was a good table again. Butterfly joined us at the table when she was around 2 years old and didn't want to sit in her high chair any more. She's painted, colored, craft-ed, on that table. So have I!

People would come to visit us and we would always have to pull out our camp chairs to fit everyone around the table. No big deal since then the visitors would leave and we would put away the chairs.

Now that Flower is here for the summer, our table chair situation has become dire. We have 4 chairs.

And four big people that need to use the chairs. And 2 two year olds that WANT to use the chairs.

 Even without Flower this would be a problem.

So we need new chairs! Juice even agreed we need more chairs! I'd like them to match (close approximation) to the ones we have. Honestly what I'd really love is a new dining room set. I have been saving money for one that I intend to buy at the Amish Market before we leave the area for good (no, we are NOT moving right now). I'd like something like this or like this.

But wait! I just found this one which would be ideal. Why? Because the chairs I have already match this one and then I would have extra chairs!

What's one thing that these dining room sets all have in common?  They all have benches. Juice's parents have a big table with benches on either side and I love it. You can cram a bunch of people on the benches and not have to worry about getting extra chairs.

But until I have the money for that, I'll make do with 2 new chairs.


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