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Thursday, May 20, 2010



This morning I was sitting on the edge of the bath tub brushing my teeth and my mind wandered over to our bathroom vanity. I had 2 minutes to kill so I started dreaming about actually re-doing the bathroom and getting rid of the crappy vanity.

Our house was built in 1974. How do I know this? Because there is a very old piece of paper from the original inspector shellacked to the inside of that vanity. So if the vanity was new in 1974, you can only imagine what it looks like. It’s dark brown. The cupboard door does not stay shut by itself. It’s held shut by a baby lock. (Double duty! Keeps kids out and stuff in!) The counter top (the tiny amount we have) is creamy tan with flecks of shiny stuff generously sprinkled through out. The sink is starting to rust (slightly) and we’ve already replaced the faucet and hardware because it was squirting straight up.

After I was done with my teeth, I thought I’d search different bathroom vanities and see what I came up with. Just dreaming, since we’re done improving this house. But I can dream at least! Here’s what I found:

I really like this one. I love the old fashion pump look and the raised bowl. Although it would take some getting used to to have the water coming out of the side than the front!

I like this one too. I may have a thing for raised bowls in the bathroom. Juice thinks I’m crazy, but I just love the look! Sadly, I see a few things wrong with this one for us again. It would be too hard to child lock and under those legs would be a trap for toys and hair and whatnot.

This is the one I would buy if we were swimming in money. It would probably fit into the alcove that the sink sits in our bathroom now. It’s all the way to the floor and looks like it has a generous cupboard under the sink. Plus, the sink sticks out a little and I like that! There is even a good amount of counter space which is what Juice wants in the bathroom.

Of course, if I was swimming in money, we’d have a whole new house with a proper yard and a basement and a large playroom and my own horses and barn near the well stocked pond. Good dreams…

What are you dreaming about?


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  1. Maybe you might get your wish.If you played the lottery or win a sweepstakes contest you might be able to get the walnut sink.


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