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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Busy HOT Day


I don't know what happened to the weather but it got HOT all of a sudden. The morning was beautiful, but the rest of the day kept getting hotter and hotter. By tonight, we're all roasting and enjoying our first taste of mugginess. Which makes Juice rather cranky. Okay, everyone is rather cranky.

Butterfly has had one busy day. First off, she went to the Home Depot with Daddy and built a planter box. (They do free clinics the first Saturday of every month.) She was beyond thrilled that I actually had seeds and potting soil to put into her new platter. I even had enough for the boys to make their own little pots of growing stuff (although no cool planter). They were happy.

Then, Butterfly and I went off to a birthday party. This is one of many this month, as Butterfly has many many friends born in May! We went to a paint your own pottery place which was lots of fun. Butterfly and her friends made some pretty cute stuff. She painted a turtle brown and green and black.

We had to stop by a grocery store on the way home, and then had dinner. Everyone went to bed (the boys yelling "Buzz!" "Woody!" for their new cute pjs from Nana). Now I'm ready to spend my first night at home in about a week! Yay for movies!


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  1. Sounds like fun! Did the 4/5 yos do well with Pottery Place?? What a fun idea for a bday party.


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