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Monday, May 03, 2010

Screaming and an Ouch


This morning we had to take the boys to the blood draw lab. I set up appointments for them online (love that I can do that at 10pm on a Saturday night) around the time I thought we could make it and Juice could still make his 10am meeting this morning. Because there is no way I'm taking all 3 kids to the lab by myself.

It was raining. The kids slept in because it was dark. I ended up having to WAKE them up and throw them in the car to make it on time. Luckily, because they were sleeping, I was able to make up our super healthy "chocolate" shake (with no chocolate in it) for them to drink in the car.

We had the whole waiting room to ourselves when we got there. Pirate needed 2 tests, and Professor needed 6. They told me they may not be able to draw all the blood they need because he's so tiny. So we decided to start with him. I brought in a few cars for him to play with. He was very happy to drive them over the arm rest bar while the tech prepped for his test. He was great with the arm band restriction. And then she stuck him. He started screaming. The tech had to almost lay on his arm while I held him down so she could get 3 tubes from him. Hopefully that will be enough blood. I heard Pirate in the waiting room saying "Uh oh! Uh oh!" while Professor was screaming. He stop screaming the moment she offered him a sticker. He was very happy to leave the room and go sit in the waiting room with Daddy and sister, cradling his "owchie!"

Pirate also drove his cars across the arm rest and helped the tech poke his arm to find a vein in his arm. She stuck him and all he said was, "ow." No screaming, no trying to pull away. Just "ow." He was also pleased with his sticker.

Juice said that Butterfly told the waiting room that she wanted to have her blood drawn too and it was not fair that the boys got their arms poked and she didn't.

But what was fair was the trip to Krispy Kreme right after. Both boys would not straighten their arms and only wanted to scrape the chocolate glaze off their doughnuts. But I thought it was a great treat after being poked.

Once we got home, I asked them to show their owies to the camera and this is what we got:
I don't think Professor has a very high pain tolerance. Poor guy. But aren't their pjs so cute?!



  1. Poor guys -- When Leïla had her blood drawn last month she had an "eldma" (think that is the name) patch. She didn't feel a thing and it went so smoothly

  2. Love the jammies and the look on the little Drama King's face too cute :)

  3. Glad it didn't go too badly. When I took Aidan last year, it took 4 adults to hold him down and they barely got half a vial. Hope the tests come out ok.


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