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Friday, May 07, 2010

Blueberry Bushes, a Stitch, Throw Up, Oh My!


Where to begin? Well, let's start with Lolli's picture meme. No, let's start with an announcement! My new blog is almost almost finished. Sunday is the day I will unveil it in a grand (re) opening. And what is a grand (re) opening without prizes?! I have a whole week's worth lined up for you guys. Be excited. I have some AWESOME things to win too.

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

Now, on to Lolli's picture meme:

See what we bought today? I am SO excited to try and grow blueberries. We've got the pots and now we have the plants. Hopefully we'll have blueberries through the summer. I'm a little nervous because I haven't had a great track record growing things. Hopefully these will thrive and we'll be enjoying a few freshly grown berries from our own back yard.

Earlier in the day, I decided to cut up some avocado. While I was cutting, with my new awesome knives, Professor came running into the kitchen and slammed into my legs. Which made me loose my grip on the avocado. So instead of cutting the avocado, I cut my finger. Deeply.

Juice was on his way home (I love early Fridays) and my neighbor Lala came over to watch the kids while they napped. Juice drove me (bleeding) to the urgent clinic. The doctor was very nice, cleaned me up, and looked at the finger. Because of the pressure I had been putting on it, the wound was very neat looking. He cleaned it up, wrapped it up, and sent us on our way.

We bought the bushes, went to the store, and got some more gauze for my finger. In the course of these errands, my finger bled off and on. So much so that I soaked through the gauze (hence the new gauze at the store).

Once we pulled off the soaked gauze, the wound looked terrible. It had opened and was all jagged. It also moved funny when I moved my finger. Rats. I went back to the doctor. He took one look at it, poked it more, and declared it needed a stitch. Cleaned, numbed (by a cream), and sewn together once. He then put some wound closure tape on it and told me to come back if it bleeds a lot.

That adventure over, I came home and helped put the kids to bed. About half an hour later, we hear, "Mommy Daddy! Pirate threw up!"

Uh-oh. Wow I didn't know how much stuff his stomach could hold. One clean bed, one clean boy and one long snuggle later, and one sleeping boy. Poor kid.

I am beat. My finger hurts. And hopefully those blueberry bushes will be still green tomorrow!


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  1. Bloodied and sullied by human fluids, she forges on in the care and feeding of her family, hoping to make the world a better place through good children.

    Great job, Sweets!



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