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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Today Was an Outside Day


This morning was horrible. The kids were NOT listening, not being good, and trying to break things again. The boys had 4 or 5 time outs before 9am. I wanted to put them back into their beds and just call it a day after they put all their cereal in the dog water and then smeared it all over the walls.

There was no mommy time this morning. Meaning I didn't get my exercise in for the day. I barely got into the shower when I heard screaming from the other side of the door. I actually like the screaming because then I know where they are. They are standing right outside the door, unhappy, but not getting into mischief.

Trouble makers.

When I had a moment to look at my email, I saw my friends from church were meeting at a park to play. I wrestled all three kids into clothes (Butterfly didn't want to go. She was having "too much fun at hooommme!") and shoved them in the car with water and snacks.

We stayed at the park for almost 3 hours. Butterfly cried when we got in the car to leave. She really wanted to go back to that park and play with her new friends. We had chicken nuggets for lunch with a friend. Butterfly spent most of the boys' nap time outside running in the front yard with Soot. Then dinner. After, we spent another hour outside.

They stopped ruining the house. They stopped driving me crazy. They picked me wild flowers and discovered ants. Butterfly tried to climb trees and ran back and forth with Soot. It's so much less stressful outside.

It would be good to remember sunscreen for me though. My nose is burned.


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