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Friday, April 30, 2010

Calphalon Review


A few weeks ago, I got a big package in the mail. I wasn't really expecting anything (I was actually not ordering stuff from the Internet if I could help it!) so I opened the box in anticipation. Surprise packages are always the best.

This box was an amazing gift too! I had signed up to review some pans from Calphalon but I hadn't heard back from them about when to expect them. So I was super excited about my brand new 10 inch omelet pan. (I had a picture but for some reason it's not loading. I'll try again later.) Here's the review I posted on their site:

"This pan is heavier than it looks! I was surprised at the heft. But it wasn't too heavy, it was a pleasant weight in my hand. After seasoning it (very easily washed and wiped with a little bit of oil) I promptly broke two eggs into. Perfect. The pan was the exact size I needed it to be, and the eggs came out great. Then I cooked two more eggs back to back to see what would happen. My old pan would have bits of eggs left over in the bottom, which would then burn. And then the second round of eggs would have bits of burned eggs through them. This did not happen AT ALL. I was so pleased that ALL of the eggs came out the first time and no residual was left to ruin the second batch.

Since that first day and the fabulous eggs, this pan has surprised me with its durability. It makes great grilled cheese, chicken, eggs, pork chops, etc. I have even warmed up pizza in it. (Works great!)

I don't find that the pan has any "hot spots" in it where some food heats unevenly. This sides are a good height for keeping food and liquid in but not too high that it's hard to pour out of.
The only thing this is missing is a lid. Thanks for making such a great product Calphalon!"

Also included in the package was something totally unexpected. An 8 inch chef's knife and a vegetable knife set. The vegetable knife set included a 3.5 inch paring knife and a 6 inch utility knife. And since they asked me to put a review on their site, I thought I'd just put it on here for you guys to read as well.

"These knives are so easy to use. They fit right into the palm of my hand and have a very nice grip. I have long fingers and I don't seem to be over shooting anything and they don't feel too small in my hands. They cut beautifully. It's almost amazing how well I now cut because of these knives. You can't go wrong with the quality. I love that you can see that the blade and the handle are all one piece. No more handles breaking off for us!

We have used it on everything. Strawberries, apples, pears, oranges, even raw and cooked meats. The clean up is easy, just toss in the dishwasher and you're done, until next time!"

We had been without a chef's knife for awhile (because Juice keeps breaking them) so I was excited to finally have one again. Here's that review:

"I was so excited when I got this knife in the mail. See, we had broken the last of our old cheep knives. Once we got to this last one (number 4 to be snapped off at the handle), I said we were going with quality this time! And this one IS quality.

So why do we keep breaking the knives? Well, my husband likes to cut up ice cream in the container to make it easy to serve. So you can imagine the stress that puts on a knife! The last 2 knives that we had, we had only had for about 6 weeks before they cracked. This one we've had for about a month and it still looks brand new.

Beyond ice cream, we've done a lot of chopping vegetables, potatoes, meats, and fruit. The handle is very nice in my hand, having a very good grip and weight. I like that you can see that the blade and the handle are one piece. This knife is quality!"

I've really enjoyed trying out these products from Calphalon. My pans are starting to show their wear and tear. My old omelet pan spins in a circle when you put it on my glass top stove and all the heat is concentrated on that one spot. So I'm happy to have a new, working pan to use! But I'm not throwing the old one out just yet. Calphalon has a recycling program. They ask you to put your old pans into the box they send you new pans in and they will happily recycle them for you. Now I know what I'm going to be saving my money up for, and my old pans!


Here's the legal disclaimer that says I was sent these products for free to review on the Calphalon site. This blog post is just extra because I thought you guys would like to hear about them!


  1. How do you find out about doing this kind of thing? Sounds fun! How cool to get new stuff!

  2. Lucky you! They sound great!!

  3. How awesome! How did you get to do this?


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