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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Never Miss a Moment of Your Child's Life


Are you missing out on the cute things your children do? Do you feel like you're too busy running your household to be there for your baby's milestones?

I have a solution for you!

I invite you to try "Older Sibling version 4.5." You too can have complete audio play by play of your young child's life while you are in the other room.

Not sure how "Older Sibling version 4.5" would work? Here is a stunning example of the efficiency of the model.

Mother and Father, in the kitchen making dinner.

Children in the family room watching an educational show involving American Sign Language. "Older Sibling version 4.5" and "Younger Sibling version 2.0a" and "Younger Sibling version 2.0b" are enjoying the joys of tv in the afternoon.

"Younger Sibling version 2.0b just signed 'water'!" Older Sibling version 4.5 announces.

"Good job!" Mother calls from the other room.

"Younger Sibling version 2.0b just signed 'cat'!" OSv4.5 announces, just seconds later.

"Younger Sibling version 2.0b just signed 'dog'! He knows dog!" OSv4.5 announces, just a few more seconds later.

"YSv2.0b signed 'frog'!" Another announcement by OSv4.5.

These announcements come at regular intervals through out the next half hour.

Older Sibling version 4.5 comes loaded with a verbose vocabulary and a voice that will pierce any wall. It also does not miss a beat when it comes to your little one's milestones. It is also helpful in the event your younger children try to climb out of the window/pull the dog's tail/spill and spread milk over the kitchen table. Sadly, Older Sibling version 4.5 does have a few glitches. It ceases to work in the event of a movie or an engaging game.

I urge you to consider getting yourself an "Older Sibling version 4.5" for yourself.  Act fast! 

As an added bonus, version 4.5 will come with free upgrades!  Just one month after your order, this version 4.5 will upgrade to version 5.0.  This one of a kind announcer also comes with Sweet Hugs and Long Bathroom Trips plug-ins.

Contact us now and you too can enjoy "Older Sibling version 4.5" in your home.  Quantities are very limited. 



  1. Anonymous12:17 AM


  2. haha! I have one of those too, but mine is the 3.5 version. Does pretty much the same actions, though. Does yours come with supersonic tantrums?

  3. This was one of your best posts ever! I love this!

  4. Love it! I'd like to schedule an in person viewing of OSv5.0 the end of May, can we arrange that? :)


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