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Friday, April 02, 2010

Fun Times in the Sunshine!


Today's adventure took us to the "airplane park."  It's official name is Gravelly Point and it's right next to Regan National Airport.  It used to be an old land fill before they made it into a pretty fun open grassy area.  It's tradition to come to this park (for my church) every spring break.  I haven't been since Butterfly was the boys' age.

So we packed a lunch, found all the summer hats and the sun screen, and off we went!  Lala and Vinny came along too which was so much fun.  We really enjoyed being with them and having an enormous grassy area to run around in.

The first thing that Butterfly and Vinny did when they got to the park was take off their shoes and socks.  Then the boys wanted their shoes and socks off.  Okay.  They spent the day running in the grass barefooted and having a great time. 

The boys were pretty scared of the planes at first.  I mean, this park is right next to the run way and the planes get pretty close. 

Pretty soon Professor lost his fear of the planes and waved to every one as they went pass.  Pirate, till the very end, dove for my lap every time.  He had to have his hat on (to protect him?) and once the planes were gone, he'd take it off.  So funny!  Pretty soon he was leaving the hat on all the time which was much better.  Putting that hat on ever 4-8 minutes was obnoxious. 

We went down to the waterfront and threw mulch into the river.  I took a picture of the cherry blossoms.  Looks like that's as close as I'm going to get this year.  Sad.

The kids came home tired and dirty and very happy.  I came home tired, dirty, and with a bright red nose.  Guess who forgot to put sunscreen on the tip of her nose?  Now I look like Rudolf with a burn over one eyebrow.  (Missed that spot too.  Oops.)  The kids just have that healthy sun-kissed glow and Professor's hair has shined back up to new penny status.

What a fun day at the airplane park!



  1. Holy COW, I will NEVER get over how big butterfly gets each post. She is now like 2/3 the size of you. INSANE!

    watched your video about the SEED shampoo bar ...
    hmmm, if I happen to see one at Jimbo's or Henry's next time I'm out, I'll pick one up. I'm sold!

  2. You should be here, it's still winter. I just got back from the drugstore and it's snowing, again. We have gotten about 7" here on the Mountain. Other places have gotten up to 18" Glad you had a good time!

  3. We can be Rudolph twins!! SO, so sad. At least it was a fun day!


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