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Tuesday, April 06, 2010



The past few days have been absolutely beautiful outside. We've been spending as much of our days outside as we possibly can. I know the heat and humidity is going to show up. So we may as well play while we can!

The kids love it. They all have that sun kissed look and are sleeping like rocks through the night. We have been using those bubbles, the sidewalk chalk and exploring the beautiful spring items that come clutched in little kid paws. It's also opened up a huge rush of vocabulary for Professor.


The boys get into a lot less trouble outside. They throw rocks in the road. They follow each other around and say "Weee!" They bring me little treasures. They sit next to me on the step and do everything that I do. It's very cute.

Butterfly is wrapped up in her own little world and makes up elaborate games inside her head. Today she was Bolt and drug poor Soot around. She also made Soot sick, tried to give her medicine of grass and twigs, tried to do Soot's hair with flowers, had Soot stand in the 'snow' and pretended that Soot was cold. I love having a dog for her.

Pirate is my instigator and loves to go out into the road, try to throw rocks at my car, and wants to jump off the steps. He also wants to pick all my flowers and do whatever Butterfly is doing. Busy boy!

Sometimes I take my computer out with me. Sometimes I just sit and watch them play and be amazed by them. Sometimes I carry them inside kicking and screaming because it's nap time.

Today, we went out right after breakfast, came inside for a drink, went back out, had lunch outside, came in screaming for naps, and went back out after dinner for a walk with Daddy. I'd say that's 80% of the day outside. I hope to continue to do that with them all week long.


PS- I won a year's worth of web hosting from Twenty70Hosting! I spent several hours and emails back and forth to the owner about getting my brand new blog up and running. Seriously, if you're looking for web hosting, go with these gals. They have been great. New blog reveal is getting closer!


  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    I'm jealous! Our weather is COLD. Don't you love it when the children play hard and sleep soundly. Enjoy the good weather. Gma

  2. Looked at the site and I like it. Wish it was variable width and you have the same issue with photos, there needs to be some space between the pics and the text. I love the header, totally looks like you!



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