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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grumpy Mc Grump Grump


I typed in 4 different titles before that one and each one I had used before. Feeling Crabby, Crabby Here, etc. Did not improve my mood.

The kids are fine. Oh Professor is a little more clingy than normal due to his face thing. And Butterfly refuses to bend her knee (also due to the face thing). But she happily went to swimming lessons today and jumped right in the pool no problems. Crazy girl.

We stopped dance lessons because were going to be in Utah during the big spring showcase. This was the session where they were going to pick out costumes and learn a routine for it. I knew she couldn't handle doing all the prep work and NOT dancing in the showcase. So we switched to swim lessons again.

She is SO much happier in swim lessons. There is no hesitation, no crying, no forcing when we need to get ready. She does it happily and jumps right in the pool without even waving good bye. There is only one other boy in her class this time so she should get some good one on one instruction.

I, on the other hand, am crabby. I don't know why. Just one of those days. So what are things to help get you out of a crabby funk? These are what I normally do:

  1. Exercise. It's amazing what getting your blood pumping can do for your mood after. Plus! You can loose some weight if you're doing it a lot. Negative- I always wonder what the kids are doing (when they are not exercising with me) and it's almost always then that they get in trouble.
  2. Clean. In the movie, "The Emperor's New Groove", Pacha's wife gets mad over something Pacha says and snorts, "I've got to go clean something." I feel like that sometimes. A clean something means a task is done. And done tasks make me feel better. Negative- The kids ALWAYS want to help but it ends up making it worse and then I have to do it over. This does not make me happy.
  3. Sit in the sun. It's so peaceful and nice to sit and have the sun shine on your face and head. I like the way my hair smells after I've been outside. Negative- The kids scream if I don't take them out with me and then things like the face incidents happen and then no one is happy.
  4. Read a book. I've read a few books lately, but none that I'm really excited about. One is dry, long and somewhat boring. I don't like the writer's style. I'm more confused after reading the last chapter (I'm one of THOSE book readers) so I actually have to read the book. Anyone have anything good out there to read? Negative- the kids DO NOT like me reading my books. They bring me their books. And there is only so much "Water Water Everywhere" that I can take before I become the pacing cat at the zoo again.
  5. Put on some fun music and dance. This is a good one. Everyone gets moving. Everyone gets happy. Maybe I'll go do this one now.

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  1. I read Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane recently and really liked it. It's a suspense/thriller. I read the Princess Bride and liked it. It was more different than the movie than I thought it would be. Does that help?


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