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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Twins Plus Wii Equals Disaster


About 2 weeks ago, I put up a plea on Facebook:

"I have a disk stuck in the Wii...any thoughts?"

No one had any thoughts though. So I googled the problem and came up with a whole lot of nothing.

See, when I pushed the eject button, it made a very sad grinding noise and then stopped. I tried holding down the eject button. I tried turning it off and turning it back on after 2 minutes. I unplugged it for half an hour and came back to it. I even held the eject button down and shook it in hopes that gravity would help me pull the disk out. No luck.

So I handed it over to Juice who then did the same things I did. But after shaking it, he broke out his trusty pocket knife and started poking around in there. I knew he was serious when he went to get his tools. He took his needle nosed pliers to the disk and pulled it out.

"Belly dancing for fitness," he announced. (Yes, I do them. Yes, I like it. Yes, it's a workout.)

What?! Boys!!
The BDF was followed shortly by a picture CD of the boys' first birthday.

That was followed by another picture CD of their 6 month old pictures.

Then came the Wii game which actually came out when you pushed the eject button.

In case you are wondering, you can get 4 disks into the Wii disk slot. The Wii won't work. But you can get them in! Also, pulling them out of there will severally damage the disks. As in, the BDF does not work anymore. The Wii still operates just fine though.

There were some severally punished boys in our house too.


  1. Anonymous12:17 AM


  2. Too funny! Love the picture as well!

  3. love the picture! Luckily, my kids only feed the Wii 2 disks at a time. It's much easier to get out.

  4. Ooohhhh. At least it was somewhat solve-able! We still haven't found Ryan's ipod touch. :( I think of that scripture a lot with these twins, to the effect of - the diverse ways and means of getting into trouble can't even be counted. :)

  5. At least the Wii still works....Sorry about your disks though. Don't worry, soon they'll be old enough to just break their stuff and not yours. ;)


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