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Monday, April 12, 2010

SEED Power!


Hey, remember when I started writing all these entries about a company called SEED? I was hoping to win a sponsorship for them for my trip to NYC in August.

Not only did I write the entries about SEED, I did a cool picture story with my Mom's help and fun old pictures of my family. (Hi Nana!)

And then I did that funny video (a vlog) with Lolli in her shower. We laughed SO hard during the making of it. Totally worth it just to get together with a friend and be silly.

Guess what?! It WON! Both Lolli and I each got a sponsorship which is totally amazing. This company is taking good care of us and I am really grateful.

Other winning entries:

Emily from Wish Wait Hope Pray for her Whrrl Story

Cathy from Let's Be Green Together for her Blog Entry

Honorable Mention: awarded to Andrea of LilKidThings for her Whrrl Stories

I am super excited to go to NYC in August and have a girls weekend with Lolli. This weekend is my 30th birthday present from Juice. He is (warily) taking care of the kids (with Flower's help, since she should be here!) and letting me go be a person for 4 whole days. I'll get to meet all these amazing bloggers and this amazing company.

I am SOO excited!


PS- Do you know what else I won?! A year's worth of web hosting from Twenty 70 Hosting. I must be lucky!


  1. That is SO cool!!!! I loved your picture story. I hope you have the best time and I promise to be jealous every minute you spend in NYC!!!

  2. You ARE lucky! I am so happy about our win!

  3. Congratulations! That is awesome! Two wins - yay!!

  4. Luck is where hard work meets opportunity. I think you guys worked very hard on this. Congratulations!

  5. Congrats! So exciting! You must be lucky. :)


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