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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Question of the Week: MoM Groups


This week's question over at Multiples and More is about Moms of Multiples groups.

Are you involved in your local Mother's (Parent's) of Multiples club?

Yes!  Our multiples club is enormous.  I think they have close to 600 members.  And if everyone only had twins, there would be 1200 kids between all of us!  But there are several who have more than their multiples (like me) and several who have triplets.  I couldn't remember if someone had quads or more.
The ages of the kids range from not born yet to born in the 80s.  It's such a diverse group of people from all walks of life.  And this diversity it what makes the group great.  The more experienced moms can help the young moms with advice.  The recent questions in our very active forum range from preschool questions, renting beach houses, recommending nannies or home improvement people, and a list of Buddhist Temples in the area.  We also have a classifieds board where people can post things for sale and want to buy.  It's like our own private Craig's list.

The club also has numerous activities through out the year.  There's always a play date going on.  They have expectant parent teas for all the new parents to pair them up with families that have been where they are going.  They have a big annual picnic (which we've yet to go to...it's always on a Sunday and we do not do things like that on Sundays due to religious reasons) and always have a team for the March of Dimes. 

The big kahuna of our club (I think anyway) is our semi-annual twin sale.  See here for the latest ones I've been to.  They sell close to $30,000 of stuff and it is enormous.  This is where I buy most of the boys clothes.  Before I had twins, I went to this sale and bought all of Butterfly's clothes.  She is now mostly too big for the sizes they offer but sometimes I find a few cute things for her.  This is where most of our toys come from too.  Seriously, it's amazing.

Our club also participates in the Mid Atlantic Parents of Multiples Convention.  My friend, who has 14 year old twin boys, tries to convince me to come every year.  I imagine it's a lot of classes and fun celebrating the joys of having multiples.  Could be fun!

They also put out a preschool booklet that describes all the preschools in the areas, their numbers, their philosophies, etc.  They are a great resource for not only the multiple community, but the non-multiple community as well.

I love belonging to this group.  I get so many great ideas from their message boards, so many good quality clothes from their consignment sales, and so many fun things to do as a group if I wanted to.  I know that if there is a huge problem, I'll have this community to lean on.


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  1. Our club's huge draw is the sale in the spring and fall, as well. It's SO funny, that before I had twins, I thought that the twins sale was ONLY for parents of twins. I missed out on so much!!


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