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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Pirate!

Dear Sweet Pirate,

You are so sweet. And yet, you are so ruthless. My little imp in sheep's clothing. You who boldly take your brother's bike and make your brother cry. Then you stand up and pat the seat, inviting him to sit so you can push. Because it was only when Daddy suggested to Professor that he push, that you got up. And yes, you can push your brother around on your new bike (there are 2 but one was outside).Speaking of outside, guess where I found you yesterday? Outside. Out front. And the door was shut and locked! How did you get out front? Did I mention that I left our front window open? Yeah. The screen was pushed kind of neatly over in it's tracks. I can't believe you climbed out. I really shouldn't be surprised. You are the one who climbs out of the dog door. You are the one who climbs onto the kitchen counters. You are the one who makes the most trouble.
You are also the one who is so super sweet. You give out a tiny scream every time you hear a car when we are walking across the road. You have the sweetest little "Hi!" and I love how you find things and say, "A-ha!" You don't say many words. You do say car, boon (balloon), puppy, Nana, MINE, roora (brother), sissa, Mommy, Daddy, uh-oh, stuck, monkey, and a lot of grunting and pointing. You are so expressive though. I seem to understand you a lot more than I understand your brother. You also do a lot of sign language. It's hard to mistake what you want when you throw a covered bowl of macaroni and cheese at me and say, "uh! uh!"
Speaking of macaroni and cheese, you love it. You are one good eater. But you really don't like breakfast. You love any kind of noodle. You also love hot dogs, crackers, chicken, strawberries, actually any kind of fruit, and cheese. I think cheese is your favorite. You also love bread and fruit snacks. You go bananas over fruit snacks.

Your favorite game right now is to run away from me. You pound away on those long sturdy legs, laughing. Your big wide mouth open and your big hazel eyes sparkling back at me as I go chasing after you. Crazy kid. For as much as you love breaking the rules (see the window escape above) you love following the rules. Everything has a place and everything in it's place. You get upset when things are out of their place.

What a fun kid you are. I am so excited to see what next year will bring!


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  1. He's much too cute to be a trouble maker!! Looking forward to seeing him :)


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