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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello Saturday


This morning we had big plans.  We were going to an Earth Day celebration.  Professor cried a lot last night, and he kept waking up moaning, "ouch!"  Uh-oh.  This morning Pirate was hot to the touch.  And Butterfly kept complaining that she was cold.  Everyone has fevers.  Everyone spend the day on the couch watching movies. 

Butterfly declared this her best day ever. 

We've got a streaming disk from Netflix for our Wii.  This has been AMAZING.  I love that I can get all the disks I want and Butterfly can watch anything on the streaming disk.  They have all the seasons of Voltron.  Juice has been enjoying watching it with the kids.  The boys call it "roar" and ask for it by name.  They even cry when I don't let them watch it.  It's SO cute.

Even though the kids are sick, Juice and I still went out on our planned date for tonight.  We figured we were feeling fine and our babysitter doesn't really do much with the kids.  Honestly, we have the easiest baby sitting job ever.  We always put the boys down for bed before the baby sitter gets here.  Butterfly has maybe half an hour with the sitter, and then she goes into bed too.  So really, all I'm looking for is a living fire alarm.

Having secured our living fire alarm, we went out dancing.  So much fun!  Juice and I don't go dancing nearly enough.  This was a much needed break for us. 

Dating = good.


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  1. Sorry to hear the kids are sick. I hope you had a great time out.


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