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Friday, April 16, 2010

Give Me Your Best Shot- Old Time Pictures


I've been enjoying looking through my shots of the kids' Easter clothes and playing around with editing them.  I really enjoy this one I put an old timey look on.  Such cute boys I have!

A cute story about Professor:  The other day he was playing with an airplane toy that we have.  He would fly it around (complete with sound effects) and then land it.  One time, he landed it upside down and laughed over it.  He flipped the airplane over to right side up, then flipped it over again slowly.  He ran over to me, "Mommy!  Hahaha!"  It's so fun to see him develop his sense of humor. 

Pirate this morning has been running races.  He backs himself into a corner, says, "Uh, Uh, Go!" and runs away as fast as he can.  It's so cute!

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  1. What a cute shot of the boys! I love seeing their personalities come out, too! They are really getting to be so interactive.

  2. that is so adorable. i love that you can see how different they are by their expressions.

  3. They are so cute, and adorable too.


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