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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bad Things Happen In Threes


Isn't it true that bad (and good) things generally happen in threes? I'll look for a bad day tomorrow because today totally sucked. Again. Let's start with the oldest and go from there.

Butterfly: she had 3 accidents today. And one that was not just pee. What's going on with this girl and her bladder?! The past 2 weeks or so she's had major bathroom issues. It's a bummer. We had to leave the park because she had an accident. That one was partly my fault because I saw the signs and didn't march her to the bathroom then. I was waiting for her to tell me she had to go. Obviously she was having too much fun to stop. Boy she is going to be interesting in school. I hope she gets an understanding kindergarten teacher.

She also lost her movie for the day (a HUGE upset) and she got put to bed when the boys went to bed. It was not a good day for her.

Pirate: he is growing so fast! He is tall enough to reach things on the counters. Things I've been putting up there to keep him away from. Things like bowls or hot pans. No he didn't get a hot pan but he did get a bowl. Butterfly was peeling hard boiled eggs to put in the bowl. He offered it to her. She huffed and turned away from him. (Girls!) Then he got angry and threw the bowl. The floor won. Now I am a bowl short and cross.

Professor: this is a pretty funny story and really, not something that was his fault. But still, it involves him so it goes under his label.

I was sitting with the boys on my lap, one on each leg. I was by the big window in our front room. Both the boys were facing the window looking out. Professor was in front, and Pirate was behind him, with his belly pressed up against Professor's back. Professor was grunting and complaining that Pirate kept leaning on him and pushing him out of the way to get a better look at the truck out the window. I finally got them apart and noticed that there was a big green streak on Pirate's arm. I was on the phone with my dad at the time and had to hang up quickly ("Ew! Green sludge!"). I then dump Professor on the floor and gingerly carry Pirate over to the changing pad to detoxify him.

I got his clothes off and open his diaper to...nothing. There was no poop anywhere on his body except his belly. That's when I gasped and left poor Pirate buck nekkid on the pad. Professor was playing quietly on the other side of the room. When I got closer to him, I noticed that the back of his hair was kind of dark.

I gingerly pick up Professor and shoo Pirate off the changing pad to detoxify Professor. I should have been wearing some kind of hazmet suit because this was bad. Up the back, up the front, bright green and slimy. Oddly enough, there was a spot on his diaper that didn't have anything on it. It was right where he was sitting on my leg so maybe it squeezed out either side?

Note to self: beans for dinner and a strawberry/spinach smoothie do not mix.



  1. Oh man! Being pooped on by a brother is just bad. I hope tomorrow isn't really another bad day.

  2. I would have taken them out and hosed them off. Ewww!! I hope they got baths real soon.

    Children are such a blessing, right?



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