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Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010


This year's Easter was very low key. We spent the day in our pjs listening to General Conference and eating candy. The big fun in the morning was the Easter baskets though!
When Butterfly was the boys' age, I think I gave her a handful of jelly beans and a few toys/books. The boys got significantly more candy that she did. Juice was not happy with the slobbering sticky chocolaty mess. But I figured it was a win because they almost didn't fight over the candy. Each kid got 2 toys and I ended up using 2 bags of candy between the 3 of them. I think that was enough.
Butterfly got sidewalk chalk (something I know we will need for the summer and hopefully use up before the summer is over) and a bunny Mr. Potato head. This is our family's first Mr. Potato Head. I bought another generic Mr. Potato Head in advance to ward of fighting. A good call. Besides the jelly beans and the robin's eggs (which no one in our family likes...who knew?) she got some pink Peeps and a chocolate bunny.Pirate got bubble solution (also something we will use up before the summer is over) and a pair of sunglasses. They are green. They are funky. They were a dollar. He also got jelly beans, robin's eggs (which he ate for about 2 minutes and then started to spit out, much to Juice's dismay), purple peeps and a chocolate bunny. The bunny's ears were eaten and then he carried it around like a doll for about an hour. By the time Juice wrestled it away from him, it was hairy, melted and dirty. Pirate screamed, Juice huffed about it and I just smiled. Crazy kid!
Professor also got bubble solution (we go through a lot of bubbles here...it's one of the words that they both will say) and another pair of those sunglasses. The sunglasses are a bit big for him. But he loves them. He calls them 'eyes'. He also got jelly beans, robin's eggs (ate one, wouldn't touch the rest), yellow peeps and a chocolate bunny. He ate his bunny as best he could, starting with the face. Once it fell apart on him (the horror!), we took the rest of the pieces away and he cried.

Bubbles and sidewalk chalk outside in our pjs fixed every one's mood.

Also Conference fixed every one's mood. And looking for my brother, Uncle MusicMan who sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It's pretty cool to hear all three kids cheer and clap when I point out their Uncle. Here, you can cheer and clap too.

Watch about 4:16 on the video and he's in the back in the middle.
One great Easter here!



  1. George was very impressed and wondered why I didn't notice him the first time - silly me! ElCid was wondering how often they practice, how often they go on ...tour?, if they get paid and if they still have real jobs. I said I'd ask you :)

  2. Wow, that is awesome that your brother is in the choir! I'm so impressed! I always wonder about how good those people have to be and how it is to actually make it in the choir. My kids were naughty naughty during conference! It was one of my least spiritual conferences unfortunately! Even just seeing the picture on your blog, Cash yelled - "No more prophet!" They're were a little miffed that we kept turning on the tv and it had nothing to do with Mickey Mouse.

    Glad you had a good Easter!


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