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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Professor!

Dearest Professor,

My sweet sunshine boy, you are a momma's boy. You've been a little needy lately, but it's understandable. Since you've fallen on your face (badly) this past week. This morning you and Pirate were running towards each other in the hall and met in the middle. With your heads. While your brother came out okay, you split your lip open (again) and have been rather cranky since then. Poor kid. And since your mouth hurts, you can't suck on your binkie as much as you'd like. So you wake up every few hours crying. And I wake up, almost crying. It reminds me of when you were a baby and you were so loud. You were always the more vocal.Your favorite things to say right now is anything and everything! You repeat almost everything we say. The most memorable things you say are: "Where Mommy go?" which I have yet to hear. (Obviously, you only say it when I'm gone.) You have also learned the joy of 'yeah'. You are so cute with those head bobs coupled with your 'yeah'. You are so close to saying everything. I love your little voice.
You make sure that I notice things on the road while we are driving. You LOVE big trucks. "Mommy! Tuck! Bi Tuck!" You are also learning your sense of humor. You will point out anything you think is funny and then do a little laugh after it. It's not your really happy laugh, it's just a laugh to show that you think something is funny. A fake (ish) laugh. It's really funny to us.

You still will still not eat a whole lot of healthy foods. You will, however, eat anything sweet. Candy, cookies, cupcakes. You also love Doritos and popcorn. Taking after your Mommy, that's for sure. Mommy is being sneaky though and making good tasting smoothies and putting in veggies for you to get them.
You love shoes. I don't know why, but you love to try on every one's shoes that come to visit us. You also really love to wear Butterfly's shoes. "Mommy, shoe!" you will tell me whenever you see a really nice one. You even love to wear your own shoes and know which ones are yours and which ones are your brother's. Even though they look exactly the same. (They are a half size difference.)

You are one sneaky little guy though. You are often caught doing something you shouldn't, mostly because you've seen brother do it. Those beautiful blue eyes sparkle when there's trouble around. You cry a lot louder than Pirate does. You also cry a lot more than he does. And sadly, disciplining you is something we're having a hard time doing. Time outs don't phase you. Taking away your favorite toy seems to get you upset enough to cry for at least a half hour after I've given it back to you. It's a work in progress.

Thanks for being in our family Sunshine boy!



  1. Ok, I guess I can't sell the big truck until you come. We will take some pictures of him in the back.


  2. we'll have to get lots of junk food for your visit, too ;)


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