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Thursday, May 10, 2007

2 Years Old

Dear Butterfly,

You are so dear to us. You are so sweet, loving, happy, funny, and an all around great gal to be around. Daddy and I often talk about how fun you are, and how smart you are. You know so many things: the words to Twinkle, most body parts, how to turn on and off the CD player, the TV, the computer; how to open the front door, a few letters and numbers, and a few books. I also hope that you know that your Mommy and Daddy love and adore you.

As we watch you blossom into a little person, we wonder where that sweet demanding baby went. Well, you are still very sweet and still very demanding. Most of the time you are also reasonable so we don't have too many tantrums. Daddy keeps saying you got my common sense. It's not a bad thing to have. It will help you in the future.

Every day, I start to recognize myself in you. The way you stick your lower lip out when you are hurt or pouting. The way you turn those big eyes on me and glower. It makes me laugh every time because I've seen pictures of myself with that exact expression. I also see how you have your daddy wrapped around your finger. Isn't he nice to have around?

You are continuing to talk up a storm, and will tell me all about your day all day long. I love how you say, "Cummon guys!" when we are walking to slow behind you. Or "Hold my hand?" when you want to cross the street. It's so sweet to feel your silky little hand in mine. You have started to want to hold my whole hand and not just my finger. You are growing up so fast. Other favorite phrases include: Soot good girl, run fast, run run run, play with friends, play with toys, I found our car!, read books please, No Daddy don't come, dance with me!, you silly/funny Mommy, what wrong Mommy?, I need my Mommy, I need my Sister (last name). This last one is because the kids we babysit call me Sister (last name) and you have picked up on it. It's very cute. The other day we were walking into church and you turned to me and said, "I Sister (last name) too!" Yep, you are. What a smart girl!

You have changed so much this past year. You went from not knowing how to walk, run, climb, or jump to doing everything. You also have gotten so much bigger and longer. You are as tall as the 3 year old we babysit, and fit into 3T-4T clothes. Toys are your biggest draw right now. You love to play with your toys. When Nana told you that she had toys at her house to play with, you got so excited! Now you wander around the house say, "Go on airplane with Mommy. Go see Nana's house. Nana has LOTS of toys!"

For your birthday this year we are going on a trip to California to see Aunt Angela graduate from college, and to go to Disneyland. We are also headed to Utah to see Nana and Grandpa and all of our family and friends. I can't wait to show you off and have everyone tell you how wonderful you are. Because you are. And you have a great family who loves you and is seriously missing out on all the fun. :)

I can't wait to see what this next year is going to bring!

Love, Mommy

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  1. Happy happy happy Birthday Vanessa!!! Hope you had a wonderful day, special girl!


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