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Thursday, May 17, 2007

In Utah


I am loving my very long vacation in Utah. Well, except for the fact that Butterfly isn't sleeping very well and we all got colds because she licked the hand rail at the monorail in Disneyland. But still, I think I have had french fries and fry sauce every day this week, and I've been chowing down on cheddar and sour cream chips since they don't seem to have them in Maryland. Yum!

I'm also enjoying spending time with my mom watching girly movies and hanging out with my best friend Laura and her baby in the mornings. Great times! I have pictures to show you, plus Butterfly's 2 year old video, but that will have to wait till around Memorial Day. Until then, this is a picture of my Dad and Butterfly on a ride in Disneyland. Fun times!


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  1. Julia5:02 PM

    How long are you going to be out here? I don't know if you were still planning to come up to visit, or if you're still here May 31st-June 2nd, I will be coming down to Salt Lake then.

    Let me know!


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